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VTL And Travel Insurance Requirements

VTL And Travel Insurance Requirements blog

Getting away has been on your mind – the excitement of checking into the departure hall, the aroma when you step onto the plane, and the breathtaking view from the window. Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) agreements allow Malaysians to travel two-way without fear of quarantine. So stir-crazy Malaysians are dusting off their passports and making up for the lost time. Vaccinated travellers can now travel to Malaysia with ease after more than a year of border closures. Here are the VTL and Travel Insurance requirements you should know.

Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) Countries

Many countries are now opening their borders to fully vaccinated travellers, thus expanding the list of vaccinated travel lane (VTL) countries. The list of some of these countries is below. Enjoy quarantine-free travel to these VTL countries (as of the 7th of December 2021):






Sri Lanka















United Kingdom


South Korea

United States of America

In November 2021, ten countries opened their vaccinated travel lanes to the first holders of Vaccinated Travel Passes. Five more countries joined the VTL program shortly afterwards. If your intended destination does not appear in the above list, VTL is not applicable, and you will need to contact the country’s equivalent of the Ministry of Health for the approved providers of COVID-19 PCR tests.

Do I Need To Be Fully Vaccinated To Travel?

Passengers who are fully vaccinated won’t have to undergo quarantine or testing, including pre-departure and on-arrival testing, when they travel across the land border between Singapore and Malaysia. You will also be able to travel across the Woodlands Causeway and Tuas Second Link using any mode of transportation, including private cars and the old Bus 170 once restored. With this change, day trips to JB will now be very feasible. Shortly, long-distance buses will connect to other cities in Malaysia as well.

Do I Need COVID-19 Travel Insurance?

It’s wise to buy travel insurance before COVID-19, but isn’t it almost indispensable? Travel insurance during a global pandemic can pose a lot of risks. Certain VTL countries like Malaysia and South Korea have required that foreigners buy travel insurance with Covid-19 medical expense coverage before entering the country.

Conclusion: there is no doubt that Covid-19 coverage is now under most travel insurance companies either as an add-on rider or integrated into the primary policy. You will also not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get it either. The requirement to buy mandatory travel insurance no longer applies to fully-vaccinated short-term visitors. However, it may be wise to cover your medical/treatment costs and hospitalization under COVID-19.

In Malaysia, can travellers without or with partial vaccinations enter? In Malaysia, not fully vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers are allowed entry. Upon arrival, they will be under quarantine. The quarantine days will be five as of the 1st of April 2022. Within 24 hours of arrival, they must have a COVID-19 antigen rapid test administered by a professional. Also, on the 4th and 5th day, they must have another RT-PCR test administered by a professional.

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What Happens If You Get COVID-19 After Returning?

You should first check whether COVID-19 is under your travel insurance. You must notify travel insurance providers such as RHB, AXA and Zurich within 14 to 30 days of receiving COVID-19 to qualify for benefits. After that, you should submit an online claim via your insurer’s mobile app or website with the appropriate documents:

  • A note from your doctor informing you that you caught COVID-19 and need treatment
  • The boarding pass or flight itinerary
  • Inpatient discharge summary or medical report
  • The original medical bills

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