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Robo Advisors Comparison

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Robo advisory | Robo advisor | Robo trading assistant.

Malaysians actively involved in the country’s financial landscape will surely notice that the above words are being used increasingly frequently in the industry. But what exactly do they mean? And more importantly, is there a way you can use them to your advantage? Here is one of the best tools in the financial industry right now!


What Exactly Is Robo Advisors?

A Robo advisor is an application of algorithms designed to offer accurate investment or financial planning guidance with little or no human input! These financial services are the future as they’re slowly but surely phasing out the traditional personal financial advisor role. With a Robo advisor in your corner, your laptop is all you need to get on the road to making a fortune.

How Do Robo Advisors Work?

Simply put, these algorithms are exposed to financial situations and then simulate the response of your traditional advisor. A Robo advisor first considers your asset portfolio application, risk-taking preferences, and financial objectives. Then, using those variables, it aims to effectively select suitable investments and make the proper allocation and rebalancing moves to increase your portfolio.

Significant Advantages Of Using a Robo Advisor In Malaysia Today

Some of the perks of leveraging this resource include:

It Costs Considerably Less Compared To a Traditional Financial Advisor

Anyone who has previously used a competent financial advisor will tell you their services don’t come cheap. It is only fair as they’re charging you for their years of education, experience, and expertise. However, you can cut out the middleman with Robo advisors and save many costs! What’s more, you’re not getting affordability at the expense of accuracy either, as these tools are just as good and, in some cases, function even better than their human counterparts.

They Operate Very Low-Entry Requirements

Robo advisors may yet be the best tools for beginners in the investment world in Malaysia right now. Thanks to the fact that many of these services don’t require that you have any minimum balance before you start investing, you can start making money more efficiently. Moreover, they give you the leeway to transfer or withdraw your money. It is financial freedom at its highest level. You

Can Use Them Even Without Specialized Financial Knowledge

Don’t get us wrong. Knowing as much as you can about the space you plan to invest in is always a smart move. However, it no longer needs to be a limitation if you want to start investing as soon as possible, thanks to the wealth of services and functionalities that Robo advisors put at your disposal.

Malaysia Top Robo Advisors


People looking for a relatively less risky way into the investment space in Malaysia will like all that Robo advisors offer. But, to make sure you get the best value from these resources, you need to know just what your options are.