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Travel Insurance For The New Normal Traveller

Travel Insurance For The New Normal Traveller blog

After COVID-19 hit early in 2020, most travelers were unable to travel. They scrambled for refunds from hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and other travel suppliers – or filed claims through travel insurance for canceled vacations. On both fronts, they often hit a brick wall. It was difficult or even impossible to get refunds from providers – leaving those without travel insurance wishing they had. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 60% of Malaysians still hope to take a holiday this year. It is why travel insurance is crucial as we begin to recover. There’s no escaping the fact that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel since travel insurance is the new normal in the travel industry. More than two dozen countries that are part of the World Health Organization, for example, require visitors to have medical insurance and sometimes travel insurance coverage that includes Covid-related incidents to be allowed into the country.

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Does Travel Insurance Cover COVID-19?

Travel insurance policies treat COVID-19 and its variants – including Omicron – like medical emergencies. To qualify for benefits, you will need to present a doctor’s note proving your illness and that you will not travel. Whatever your condition, regardless of whether it is Omicron, another variant of COVID, or anything else at all, you will receive the same benefits.” Buyers need to read the policies carefully and include pandemics, COVID-19, and variants. In addition, purchase travel insurance before you fall ill to file a claim.

How About Quarantine And Medical Expenses?

If you choose a policy, make sure that it covers these items. If you intend to travel abroad, speak to your regular health insurer about medical coverage. Many policies will not cover you abroad, so you should consider it if you have health coverage.

Is Travel Insurance Required In Specific Destinations?

Yes, it is primarily to cover the costs of quarantine or medical care in the event of a COVID-19 positive test. In Singapore, for instance, medical insurance must cover a minimum of 30,000 Singapore dollars. Travel insurance is required for COVID-19 treatment in Fiji. It costs around RM125. Anguilla is one destination that recommends rather than requires travel insurance. You may want to consider how far you would have to travel to receive treatment if you contract COVID-19 abroad. Malaysia COVID travel pass, for example, travelers must have a minimum USD20,000 medical insurance policy.

Is Insurance Required If My Cancellation Policy Is Flexible?

If you have a hotel reservation that allows free cancellations 24 to 48 hours before check-in, most likely not. The same is true for flights; if your flight is changeable and you will receive a voucher or refund if it is canceled, you are covered.

Travel Insurance Is Not All The Same

Obtain travel medical insurance with COVID-19 coverage from a reputed global insurer. A pandemic like Coronavirus could have an adverse financial impact on your travel plans. Therefore, you can enjoy your trip more if you take travel medical insurance covering epidemic and pandemic treatment costs.

Taking the time to read a travel insurance policy wording carefully is common sense, imperative, and necessary so that you can understand the benefits, conditions, and exclusions throughout the policy. In addition, you need to know that these can vary depending on your Country of Residence, so feel free to contact us at Fincrew Insurance if you have any questions.

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