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Deciphering Evacuation And Repatriation Insurance

Understanding Evacuation And Repatriation Insurance Coverage Blog

It might be essential to include medical evacuation and repatriation cover in ex-pats’ health insurance if they live or work in remote areas with limited access to medical facilities. There is a significant increase in medical evacuations and repatriations among international private medical insurance companies due to the increasing number of companies with overseas employees and workforces working in remote and hazardous regions (e.g., mining) combined with natural disasters caused by climate change. Companies are increasingly seeking business overseas, and employers recognize the importance of providing their employees with global healthcare coverage.

What Is Medical Evacuation And Repatriation Insurance?

If a traveler experiences a medical emergency during their trip, Medical Evacuation can provide transportation to the nearest adequate medical facility. In addition, a traveler’s remains can be transported home through repatriation. Most policies that include Medical Evacuation coverage will transport you to the nearest medical facility. The benefit can also cover the transportation costs if the treating physician determines that the patient should return home to receive medical attention.

What Does The Evacuation And Repatriation Insurance Policy Cover?

If the insured suffers a medical emergency requiring evacuation, the policy provides benefits up to the policy limit. It is vital to point out that it does not include medical care. It is instead intended to cover medically necessary transportation. The patient’s condition and location determine evacuation methods. If the patient’s condition is less severe (such as a broken leg), the patient may be transported by airplane and transferred to a commercial airline. However, in others, evacuation procedures involve:

  • Transport needs assessment, including oxygen, special equipment, altitude, etc.
  • Coordination of admission to a suitable medical facility
  • If necessary, arrange for medical escort and appropriate air transportation
  • Transportation coordination on both sides of the evacuation
  • Flight clearances and immigration
  • Travel arrangements assistance

Should you become seriously ill or injured on your trip, this coverage will assist you in finding the nearest medical facility appropriate to your needs and arrange and pay for your transportation there. In addition to medical care, this will deliver or arrange transportation by a commercial transportation service to one of the following:

  • Where you live as your principal residence,
  • Malaysia, or a location of your choice
  • Any medical facility of your choice close to your primary home or anywhere in the country.

The following benefits may also include emergency medical transportation coverage:

  • A friend or family member can accompany you to the medical facility where you are being treated.
  • You can return your dependent children to your home or a place of your choosing.

What Is Not Covered In The Evacuation And Repatriation Insurance Policy?

This benefit will not cover cremation, burial, funeral expenses, or related costs for items such as coffins and urns.

What Kind Of Insurance Policy Covers This?

Travel insurance companies offer a few plans, including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation benefits. However, some travel insurance policies don’t provide additional coverage for the return of dependent children or bedside visits.

Final Thoughts

Often, it can be a matter of life and death when you are ill or injured in a remote location. Employers and their globally mobile personnel know that they will have access to medical care if it is urgently needed when they have adequate insurance coverage in place. Therefore, the employer must choose a provider knowledgeable of the hospital network in the location where their staff is based. Contact us at today; we would be happy to assist you in finding the right provider.

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