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How Personal Loan Affect Your Credit Score Blog Featured Image

How Personal Loan Affect Your Credit Score

How Personal Loan Affect Your Credit Score Blog

Getting a personal loan might be a good idea if you need cash for an emergency or large purchase or if you cannot make payments on your credit card debt, you might consider a personal loan. Your credit rating can be impacted positively or negatively by a personal loan, depending on how you use it. This article aims to help you decide if you should apply for a personal loan based on how it affects your credit score.

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How a Personal Loan Helps Your Credit Rating

Personal loans can increase your credit score, making approval easier for future loans and financial products. Personal loans can improve your credit score in the following ways:

Establish a Good Credit History

When determining whether you will be able to repay a new loan, lenders look at your credit report for indicators of your payment history. For example, making timely monthly payments on a personal loan will appear on your credit report, increasing your credit score. Your payment history accounts for about 35% of the credit score.

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Develop a Credit Mix

Personal loans can add to your credit mix, boosting your credit score. Your credit mix comprises different financial products, contributing 10% to your credit score. Therefore, we can have diverse credit cards, loans, and other accounts with improved credit scores. In addition, you can raise your credit score by paying off a personal loan and other financial products. They have reduced credit utilization. Your credit utilization ratio lets lenders determine how much revolving credit you’re using compared to how much credit you have. A lender cannot determine how well you handle debt if you don’t use any of your available credit. The lenders may be reluctant to lend you money if you max out your credit score because they feel you have too much debt to manage. Generally, you should use less than 30% of your credit limit. Personal loans can help reduce your credit utilization ratio – since they are installment loans, they don’t factor into credit score calculations. Consolidating your credit card debt that exceeds 30% of your available credit can help your credit score and lower your credit utilization ratio. The credit utilization ratio represents 30% of your credit score under “amounts owed.”

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Here’s How Personal Loans Can Hurt Your Credit Score

Credit cards, loans, and other types of credit are typically dependent on your credit report, which lenders use to determine your credit risk. Access requests create a hard inquiry on your credit report that remains for two years. Your credit score can drop slightly after a tricky question. Still, it will recover within a few months to one year, and the effect will diminish over time as you continue to pay your bills on time and demonstrate other good credit behaviour. You can also negatively affect your credit score if you fail to make even one payment on a personal loan. A missed payment will significantly affect your credit score since payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score. While you may be able to stay on top of your loan payments, they could stress your other finances and put you at greater risk of credit score damage due to late payments on different accounts.

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Lastly, adding a personal loan to your debt will increase the “amounts owed,” accounting for 30% of your FICO Score. You may not be a risky borrower if you owe money – and it will not lower your credit score – but high credit card balances and loans with large balances left to pay off can hurt your credit. Furthermore, while the debt-to-income ratio (DTI) isn’t considered in credit score calculations, having a high DTI can make it challenging to qualify for loans, like mortgages, where lenders specifically consider the DTI.

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