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Exploring Available Microinsurance Plans

Exploring Available Microinsurance Plans Blog

Many microinsurance policies are available today, making it hard to decide which is best for you. Likewise, micro insurance plans cover only specific events, so you should read each program carefully to determine what type of coverage you’ll receive. Microinsurance provides a lower level of coverage than regular insurance, which is why the prices are lower. The shorter coverage periods of microinsurance plans make them ideal for people who only need short-term protection. Otherwise, there will be no renewal of your coverage.

Similarly, if you need more coverage for extended periods, you might consider regular health or life insurance policy. Because you can never predict when these situations might occur, a long-term insurance policy would be a good idea to continue to use no matter what happens. Conversely, if you only had a short-term microinsurance policy, you might not always be insured. Below we’ve outlined the different types of microinsurance policies available and some things you should consider when choosing each policy.

Medical Policy

It is essential to get medical insurance since we all have to deal with sicknesses at some point. A person who isn’t insured could end up in debt if they get hospital treatment at a private hospital. Many people, however, can’t afford a typical medical insurance plan. Unlike a regular medical insurance plan, which may cost a few thousand ringgit per year, a microinsurance plan may only cost a few tens of ringgit per year. A regular medical insurance plan is better for those seeking private medical treatment, which is generally more expensive. In contrast, a medical microinsurance plan may better do the public medical treatment.

Medical microinsurance offers a more affordable alternative for those who cannot afford regular health insurance policies.

Choose an insurance policy based on your budget and your risk tolerance. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Age
  • Health history of the family
  • Budget
  • Coverage (including Covid-19 coverage)
  • Critical Illness Policy

Do you have concerns about uninsured medical costs after hospitalization and treatment? A critical illness microinsurance policy might be a good idea. When you know your family has a history of acute illnesses, you may want to consider this. Standard medical insurance usually covers hospitalization, treatment, and medicine. On the other hand, critical illness microinsurance pays out one lump sum if you’ve been diagnosed with a critical illness. After your hospital discharge, you can use the money for physiotherapy or health care.

Travel Policy

Do you plan to take a trip? Are you always on the road for work? Accidents and luggage loss can occur. As a result of Covid-19, you may have to cancel trips or seek emergency medical attention more often. So, travel microinsurance may be a good option if you do not want to be in any of these situations. You can get travel insurance if you are concerned about getting sick or injured while traveling.

If you’re concerned about getting Covid-19, you’ll probably need another plan since travel microinsurance plans do not cover it. Additionally, many types of microinsurance don’t cover long-term medical care, so if you want more excellent protection, you might want to consider medical insurance.

Personal Accident

Unforeseen accidents can cause injuries, disabilities, and even deaths, so personal accident microinsurance is necessary. If you’re physically active, you may need it. It might also make sense to look into a policy that covers vehicle insurance and personal accident coverage if you drive long distances frequently. You could save on premiums by enrolling in this plan if you have a short-term job rather than a conventional program with long coverage periods. You may need to renew if you think you will need it in the future.

Microinsurance for personal accidents may not cover accidents caused by pre-existing conditions. So you may also need to look into medical microinsurance.


Depending on the medical microinsurance plan, coverage of Covid-19 might not include hospitalization and hospitalization due to the high risks associated with the virus. Therefore, you need to find a plan covering them. Consider bundling a few different types of microinsurance policies, e.g., medical and Covid-19-specific, if you’re unsure which one to choose. It would be great to find a plan covering those who lost income due to Covid-19.

Credit Card And Utility Bills Insurance

Are you doing a high-risk job that could result in accidental death, permanent disability, or critical hospitalization? Your bills may go unpaid if you’re your household’s sole provider or primary breadwinner or if your income is irregular. If this concerns you, consider utility bills and credit card insurance.

Business Protection For SMEs

Is it more critical for you to protect your business assets? Does your business own valuable property? Make sure you look for a policy covering fire, burglary, business interruption, loss of money, and equipment breakdown. Microinsurance policies for SMEs cover the loss of business income in the event of death, permanent disability, or critical illness.

Motorbike Insurance

You are generally protected if your motorcycle is lost, damaged, or stolen due to an accident, fire, or theft. You might be covered for damage to another person’s motorcycle if you’re involved in an accident. Your plan will depend on the coverage you need and your budget.

There are a variety of microinsurance plans. If you don’t have insurance and can’t buy it, you can look for the right microinsurance plan for precisely what you need at a lower price – And ensure that at least you will have some protection if anything goes wrong. You can also combine microinsurance plans with regular ones to get more protection.

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