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What Is SOCSO And Why It’s So Important?


Also known as PERKESO, SOCSO is short for Social Security Organization. Under the Employee’s Social Security Act 1969, this scheme, like the Employee Provident Fund (EPF), requires you to put away a small sum at the end of each month. And, also like the EPF, your employer is obligated to do the same. Your SOCSO contribution is directly dependent on your salary. You can check your status at any SOCSO branch or via eSemak. That way, you can quickly know everything is as it should be with your account.

What Are The Perks Of The SOCSO Program?

An individual can benefit from one of two schemes under this program. These are:

The Employment Injury Scheme

Individuals qualify for benefits under this scheme if they suffer a temporary disablement that renders them unfit or unable to work for a minimum of four (4) days. The perks or benefits will continue from the start until the employer has fully recovered. Some of the privileges you can enjoy under this package include;

  • Medical and healthcare benefits.
  • Temporary and permanent disablement benefits.
  • Constant attendance allowances.
  • Rehabilitation facilities for physical and vocational treatment.
  • Education benefits.
  • Funeral benefits.
  • Dependent’s benefits.

The Invalidity Scheme

Employees can only get dividends from this category if an injury has been deemed permanent and incurable after treatment. The benefits that can be accessed here include;

  • An invalidity pension payout.
  • An invalidity grant.
  • A survivors pension grant.
  • Education benefits.
  • Return to work programs.
  • Funeral benefits.
  • Rehabilitation facilities for dialysis and physical and vocational treatment.

What Makes SOCSO So Important?

Perhaps you can’t afford to dispense with this program because it gives you a low-cost yet highly effective safety net. So, while having insurance is good, calling on SOCSO to cover medical treatment and follow-up care can save you even more money! The best part of this program is the wide range of situations it covers in. For example, you can file a SOCSO claim if you had injuries during an authorized meal break!

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Filing a SOCSO Claim

So, if the worst happens and you get injured. At the same time, on the job, you or your employer must inform SOCSO of this development by filing the Accident Report or Form 21 and the Submit A Claim Form aka Form 10. In addition, you will also have to tender a punch card or other attendance records, a copy of your valid identification card, and your medical certificate to the nearest SOCSO branch. And they will settle your bills!

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