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Managing a Startup Company During Pandemic Period Blog Featured Image
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Managing a Startup Company During Pandemic Period

Managing a Startup Company During Pandemic Period Blog

While the business industry is constantly in a state of flux, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic made the terrain even more tumultuous. It affected various niches across multiple industries. However, one of the niches that were most affected was the tech space. Under how it has always been, the IT space requires a level of coming together and understanding for projects to complete quickly without sacrificing quality. But, with the lockdown protocol instituted all over the country, following the standard method of operation is essentially impossible. To understand more of this space that has been surviving in light of recent developments, we decided to interview Mr. Farah, the head of a tech startup, to share how he has been handling these changes.

Here Is How The Conversation Transpired

Interviewer: Good day, Mr. Farah. Could you introduce us to your business?

Mr. Farah: Thank you very much. I’m glad to be having this conversation. My tech company, SUPERIOR DIGITALS, specializes in creating e-commerce platforms and mobile apps for businesses. We also provide high-end tech solutions for companies looking to expand their presence online.

Interviewer: Can you share the process of how you came about this idea and the impact the pandemic has had on your business operation so far?

Mr. Farah: Well, businesses are always looking for new and different ways to make a profit. And, as everyone knows, the future is digitalization. I thought that by creating a platform that businesses can stand on to tap into the potential of the Internet, I could help them achieve this. Before the pandemic, things moved quite smoothly, and there was a constant demand for our services. We were looking into expanding when the pandemic hit. While the pandemic has increased in the type of services we offer, the unique situation of working from home means that we can’t meet clients’ demands with a reliable level of consistency. It is because the work pace has slowed down considerably from what it used to be. That is until we made specific changes.

Interviewer: Mr. Farah, what can you say is the biggest challenge of working through this pandemic?

Mr. Farah: The truth is, in the past few months, there have been several of those. But perhaps the greatest is the fact that most of my staff had to work from home, instead of the office space. Due to this, it became increasingly difficult to monitor the progress of tasks efficiently. Also, maybe due to the sudden change in the work setting, we noticed an alarming increase in the number of reports of laptops stolen or damaged. Because we couldn’t let these factors delay work, we had to fix these laptops or even pay for new ones post-haste out-of-pocket. It cut into our profit margin and made things even harder. But thankfully, we were able to find a lasting solution to this in the form of With the numerous insurance policies that we can leverage with this platform, we can cover most of these expenses to focus on what’s truly important to us; helping businesses grow.

Interviewer: What can you say are the advantages of getting this coverage?

Mr. Farah: As I said, while issues still come up with my team’s laptops and other electric appliances, it doesn’t impact our bottom line anymore. But, the most significant advantage of getting this coverage with an insurer like FinCrew is the ease and speed of the claiming process. It doesn’t disrupt the flow of my teamwork, and payout ensures that delays due to appliance issues will not happen.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time, Mr. Farah.

Mr. Farah: The pleasure’s all mine.

So, join the league of winners and get the business insurance that can tide you through the pandemic!

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