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6 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance Blog

Unforeseen circumstances can derail even the best-planned vacation. A travel insurance policy could help you in the event of certain events taking place during or before your trip. The need for travel insurance does not only apply to expensive vacations or trips abroad, nor does it apply only to long journeys. Travel insurance is essential for every trip, as you never know what could happen when you’re far from home! What are the six reasons why you need travel insurance?

If You Have To Cancel Your Trip, You Don’t Want To Lose All Your Money

No matter how well it was planned in the case of a canceled trip. Nevertheless, many travel providers – especially tour operators, cruise lines, and airlines – do not offer refunds for cancellations made at the last minute. Do you think you could afford to lose every penny you invested in your trip if this happened? Travel insurance gives you the protection of trip cancellation benefits, which is one of the best reasons to purchase it. You can use these to get reimbursed for prepaid, non-refundable trip costs when you have to cancel because of a covered cause. Once you’ve gotten your money back, you’ll be able to book your trip for another, brighter day.

What If Your Passport, Baggage Or Documents Go Missing?

Probably the worst thing you can imagine while traveling is this situation. Luckily, with travel insurance, you are protected. If your lost passport is or is stolen, you can obtain a duplicate or a new key through your travel insurance policy. In addition, should your belongings go missing, you will be reimbursed up to a certain amount, while if your baggage gets delayed, you will reimburse for the personal effects you might have to buy during that time. You can use this as a massive help while waiting for your luggage.

You Probably Won’t Be Covered By Your Health Insurance Overseas

Being ill while on vacation is the last thing anyone wants to happen. However, it is possible to suffer medical complications or be seriously injured at any time. For this reason, travel insurance is essential. It will ensure you receive the proper medical attention in an emergency, whether you need to be taken to a hospital or a close relative fly to you if you’re a student. In addition, we understand that when you’re in a new place, it can be challenging to stop yourself from eating sweets. Therefore, dental treatment is also included. Your travel insurance also covers other related expenses.

Fraudulent Charges

It is difficult to imagine how you would feel if you lost your credit cards while on vacation and started receiving texts saying someone else has used it. Wouldn’t that be scary? Your money is not only being lost, but it is being lost at a place where you might even be unable to get help. If you have travel insurance, that wouldn’t be an issue. If you report the theft of a payment card up to 12 hours before the first time you claim it, your policy will refund you for the amount lost.

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Emergency Repatriation

In the unfortunate event of death and due to serious accident injuries, who would you contact to transport the body back home? Should the insured be traveling alone, who will act on their behalf? Travel insurance policies come in handy in such situations. As well as covering the cost of repatriation, it also assists with transportation. Every traveler needs a little assistance sometimes, even the most experienced ones. A significant benefit of travel insurance is the peace of mind gained from knowing that assistance is just a phone call away.

If you are facing a crisis while traveling – a medical emergency, lost passport, stolen wallet, natural disaster, etc. – Fincrew can always assist you. We will make sure that our travel experts do everything they can to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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