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How Do Auto Insurance Companies Investigate Accident Claim?

How Do Auto Insurance Companies Investigate Accident Claim blog

For drivers familiar with how the auto insurance process works in the country, the entire process of filing a claim is relatively simple. However, vehicle owners who don’t know much about automobile insurance only know they have coverage if the worst happens. Many insured parties aren’t aware that every insurer extensively investigates the authenticity of every accident claim filed before issuing a payout.

How Do Insurance Companies Even Go About Investigating An Accident Claim?

Why is the investigation process important? Keep watching to find out!

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An investigation into the authenticity of your claim begins from the moment you file your claim. As you probably know, in addition to filing a police report, you have to notify your insurer of the event. At its core, this investigation is carried out for two reasons. One reason is that your insurance company wants to ascertain that the accident did, in fact, take place as you described, and you’re not trying to wittingly or unwittingly defraud them. Another reason insurers thoroughly investigate your accident claims is to ensure that they absolutely have to issue you a payout. Many insurance companies are out solely to make a profit and wouldn’t hesitate to deny vehicle owners a payout if they can. As soon as you file that claim, you can expect to hear from a representative of your insurer. These individuals are referred to as Adjusters, and they officially kick off your insurer’s investigation process. The adjuster may request items like,

  • An original copy of your police report,
  • Photographic evidence of the damage from the auto crash or incident,
  • Physically inspect the vehicle,
  • A copy of your medical bills.

You would also be legally required to state all your losses, so every party knows what damages you’re claiming. After consulting with you, the adjuster would also reach out to every other party involved in the accident, witnesses and passers-by included. This is to ensure that they corroborate your account of the event. They would also visit the scene of the accident to better inform their decision. Upon completion of this routine and other necessary activities, the adjuster will now decide on the fault and what payment, if any, is appropriate. This process can take a while, during which you may decide you want to start repairing your vehicle. You have the option of taking the car to your insurers’ body shop or any other repairer you wish. However, if you use anybody’s shop outside the one your insurer designates, there may be conflict over the cost of repairs.

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