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How Long Does It Take To Process An Insurance Claim For a Stolen Car?

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Your car got stolen in Malaysia, and now, “Oh my god, more paperwork and bureaucracy – it’s going to be a nightmare.” But don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the process and make it as painless as possible.

Steps to File for an Insurance Claim for a Stolen Car

Suppose you are in the unfortunate situation of having your car stolen in Malaysia. In that case, you must follow the correct steps to process your insurance as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes, It may take weeks or even months to finalize your claim.

Report To The Police

First, you should inform the police immediately. In most cases, you must file a police report at your closest police station. Bring any relevant documents that may be relevant to the claim, such as the registration papers for your vehicle and your insurance policy, with you to your appointment.

Notify Your Insurer

Next, contact your insurance company after notifying the police. You can usually call their customer service department or visit one of their branches. As part of this process, you must provide details regarding the theft, such as your car’s make, model, location, and time. You will be notified by your insurance company when the assessment starts for your claim. An investigation may be necessary, which may take several days or even weeks. As you go through the process, you should be patient and provide any additional information your insurance company may request. Your insurance company will decide on the completion of the investigation. There will typically be a deductible before your insurance company covers the rest. You must pay a set amount before your insurance company covers any remaining costs.

In summary, here are additional points to remember when filing an insurance claim for a stolen car in Malaysia:

  • Be sure to gather all the necessary documents before filing your claim. Prepare police reports, vehicle registrations, insurance policies, and other relevant documentation. Speed up the process by having these documents available.
  • Ensure you keep track of every communication you have with your insurance company. Any correspondence, including phone calls, emails, and letters, can be included. If any disputes or misunderstandings arise later, this will be helpful.
  • While processing your claim, you may be required to submit additional documentation or information. This information can include details about the theft, such as the time and location of the incident.
  • If someone stole your car in Malaysia, your insurance claim might include protection against no-claim discounts (NCDs). Insurance companies provide NCDs to policyholders if they have not made any claims over the past year. Depending on the company, a premium refund is usually between 30 and 50 percent.
  • Prepare for a possible denial. The insurance company may determine that your negligence caused the theft or that you failed to comply with specific policy requirements. Depending on the circumstances, you may need legal assistance.
  • Lastly, once your car is recovered or found by the police, you must inform your insurance company immediately. You’ll need further documentation for the claim settlement process to proceed.

Final Thought

Claim processing times in Malaysia vary depending on the insurer and the complexity of the claim. Once all the required documents are submitted, a claim usually takes 2-4 weeks to be processed. Generally, processing a claim can take some time, but if you are patient and follow the proper steps, your lawsuit will be processed faster. So there you go. Even though it’s not the most exciting, you’ll have some extra cash for a new (or used) ride. Wishing you safe and enjoyable driving!

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