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Learn How Malaysia Road Tax Work And Calculated

Learn How Malaysia Road Tax Work And Calculated Blog

Are you on the hunt for a Perodua Myvi, or would you like to renew your road tax and insurance? Have you ever wondered how much road tax you must pay? Have you ever wanted to know how Malaysian road taxes work? Malaysian drivers must pay different amounts of road tax depending on their car’s CC (also known as engine capacity)! Here, we will be discussing what road tax is, how it works and how to calculate it.

Malaysian Road Tax: What It Is And How It Works

Taxes collected by the government from vehicle owners are called road taxes. Automobile owners are required to have both road tax and insurance. Generally, the larger the vehicle, the more charges are necessary. Road taxes are used to maintain the country’s road network. The road tax cost depends on the type of vehicle, fuel used, the engine capacity, and if the car is used for commercial or personal purposes. In East Malaysia, vehicles pay a smaller tax amount than in West Malaysia due to the differences in road conditions, amenities, and infrastructure.

Vehicles that are owned privately are classified as ‘saloons .’Sedans, hatchbacks, and convertibles are classified as ‘saloon’ vehicles in the automotive industry. ‘Non-saloon’ cars, on the other hand, include MPVs, SUVs, and pickup trucks. A saloon vehicle has a different road tax price from a non-saloon vehicle. Also, for the same engine displacement, ‘Company-Registered Saloons’ will pay a higher amount than ‘Private Saloons.’ Cars that are not classified as saloons are subject to a different rule. So Following this concern, we need to determine how much Malaysian road tax costs.

Fincrew Roadtax Calculator

How Do You Calculate Road Tax In Malaysia?

As an example, let’s examine the calculation of road tax for a Proton Perdana. The Proton Perdana 2.4L has a 2,354 CC engine.

Base Rate

Using the West Malaysia Private Cars table, it falls between 2,001cc and 2,500cc. The base rate falls at RM380, as you can see below.

Progressive Rate

The 2,354 CC should be subtracted from the 2,001 CC in the following table. Anything over 2,001 CC is RM1.00 per CC. Therefore, the progressive rate is calculated as follows:

= 2,354cc – 2,001cc
= 353cc x RM1 (progressive rate)
= RM353

Total Road Tax Amount

= Base Rate + Total of progressive rates
= RM380 + RM353
= RM733

Now you know how to calculate your road tax! As we said previously, paying your road tax on time is vital. There should be no delay in your road tax renewal, or you will face serious consequences.

Road Tax for Private Cars In West Malaysia


1,000 and below

RM20 RM20
1,001 – 1,200 RM55 RM55

1,201 – 1,400

RM70 RM70
1,401 – 1,600 RM90 RM90
1,601 – 1,800 RM200 RM0.40 RM200 – RM280
1,801 – 2,000 RM280 RM0.50 RM280 – RM380
2,001 – 2,500 RM380 RM1.00 RM381 – RM880
2,501 – 3,000 RM880 RM2.50 RM882 – RM2,130
3,001 and above RM2,130 RM4.00 RM2,134 +

Road Tax For Private Cars In East Malaysia


1,000 and below

RM20 RM20
1,001 – 1,200 RM44 RM44

1,201 – 1,400

RM56 RM56
1,401 – 1,600 RM72 RM72
1,601 – 1,800 RM160 RM0.32 RM160 – RM224
1,801 – 2,000 RM224 RM0.25 RM224 – RM274
2,001 – 2,500 RM274 RM0.50 RM274 – RM524
2,501 – 3,000 RM524 RM1.00 RM525 – RM1,024
3,001 and above RM1,024 RM1.35 RM1,025+

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