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Office All Risk Insurance – What Is It About & How Your Company Can Benefit From It

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The world has never been more volatile than it is at the moment. Office All Risk Insurance is one of the few tools you can leverage to ensure that your business and company don’t suffer from the sudden theft or damage of necessary work equipment. But first;

What Is Office All Risk Insurance?

Let’s assume that you are in a robbed company. If your company was affected, you would have to buy back all those equipment out-of-pocket. However, if you have FinCrew’s All Risk Insurance coverage, they will cover all of these costs for you!

Other Benefits Of Getting FinCrew All Risk Insurance Coverage

  • A total compensation for all accidental and unfortunate events in the office space.
  • Enjoyment of a reinstatement value clause.
  • Around-the-clock coverage for the electronic appliances in your space.

Even with all this, you might still not see why you would need to get this package. To that end, here are some situations when All Risk Insurance can prove to be a lifesaver.

  1. If you or your staff accidentally damage necessary office equipment like a laptop.
  2. If you take the company laptop on a trip and it gets stolen at some point.
  3. If company electronics get damaged as a result of coffee spills or accidental contact with water.
  4. If the electrical board of certain appliances short-circuits and causes a fire in your office space.

What’s more, there are a host of other scenarios where FinCrew’s All Risk Insurance might prove just handy! The best part of the deal is this policy is easy to purchase! With only a few clicks, you can purchase solid peace of mind for your company.

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