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Everything from the news on TV to what we see on social media does nothing but break the heart. So, even though we certainly don’t want any of that to happen to us, it’s vital to see essential aspects of our lives like our estate planning while still of sound mind and body.

Malaysia’s Leading Online Will Writing Firm At Your Service

Writing a will in Malaysia was a time and effort-consuming affair for an eternity. It was also relatively expensive, and you had to factor in variables like state laws and state requirements when writing a will. So, even though many people knew it was a good idea to detail how to distribute your assets upon your passing, they were often hesitant to go through the hassle of preparing these estate planning documents. We created FinCrew’s online will writing services so we could effectively change the experience of how to write a will in Malaysia. More than helping you get will write in Malaysia done with ease. We also help you legally validate your estate planning documents, ensuring there’ll be no hatred between your loved ones when it’s finally time to distribute your assets.

Will Content Writing Experts At Your Fingertips

Our legal content writing experts are at your beck-and-call seven days a week. Our goal is to ensure that you do not sacrifice your comfort or convenience to prepare this testamentary document. When you write a will, we assign you a personal, seasoned legal content writer you can reach at all times. So, whether you have a specific question or want clarity on a particular aspect of the will writing process, you have a point of access you can reach without stress.

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How We Make It Happen

We follow a simple 3-step process when writing in Malaysia that guarantees your comfort without sacrificing the legality of your will and letter of administration. Here’s FinCrew’s trademark 3-step will preparation process.

Step 1 – Answer Our Short Query

We ask you a series of simple questions to help get the specifics of the will you want to write. It also ensures that the document is valid and per Malaysia’s Probate and Administration Act 1959.

Step 2 – Begin The Approval Process

Once we’ve got the details of how you want to distribute your assets, the FinCrew legal team swings into action, our legal gurus go over the information you’ve provided us to ensure that your wishes are clear. This document is legally binding. We vet the record exhaustively to ensure it’s as you would like. It only takes 24 to 48 hours.

Step 3 – Get Your Seal Of Approval

The final stage of the will preparation process lies with you! Once we’ve ensured that the will’s contents are to your liking, you need to print out a copy of the document and sign it in front of two witnesses. This last part is necessary to validate the paper, making it binding by law legally. And with this, you officially have a will!

Our Optional Will Update Service

You can also choose to be able to update your will as necessary! At FinCrew, we understand that situations are fluid, so we afford our clients the option of changing the contents of their will whenever they want! It puts you in complete control and helps you relax a little more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Will Writing

Do I Need a Will?

Yes, you do. A will determines who gets what portion of your properties or estate. If you have children under 18, choosing allows you to state who their legal guardians will be.

What Will Happen When Someone Dies Without A Will?

In Malaysia, when a person dies without a valid will, the government follows the Intestacy Rules to determine how to distribute property. However, relying on this policy can be tricky as it often doesn’t account for many modern dynamics.

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Save your loved ones the hassle of guessing what you would’ve wanted. Get our online will writing services and secure their future today!

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