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4 Reasons Why Group Travel Insurance Makes Sense Blog Featured Image
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4 Reasons Why Group Travel Insurance Makes Sense

4 Reasons Why Group Travel Insurance Makes Sense Blog

Perhaps you’ve finally won your partner over to the idea of taking the whole extended family to Mexico. Maybe you’re a priest on a mission trip to Africa or an art professor leading a group of college students on a quick visit to New York City’s museums. Perhaps you and some buddies are finally checking off the world-famous golf courses on your bucket list. Whatever your situation, you should always be sure to secure group travel insurance for everyone on your trip before you go anywhere.

Why Buy a Group Travel Insurance Policy?

We realize that purchasing travel insurance isn’t one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning a trip. Dinner reservations and finding the perfect vacation rental are probably more important than having everyone fill out an insurance form. There is good news, though – Fincrew can help simplify the process. The following are four reasons you need travel insurance for your family, girls’ group, school, or volunteer group.

Domestic Health Insurance Does Not Apply Abroad

If you have a multigenerational family going abroad or a group of international volunteers, it’s essential to understand that your domestic health insurance won’t cover you overseas. Check the details of what is covered by each provider before traveling. Since domestic health insurance usually does not cover travel abroad, you would be responsible for the costs incurred if you get ill or injured in another country and navigate the medical system there on your own. Nevertheless, you can benefit from travel medical insurance.

You Are Traveling To a High-Risk Destination

Every group isn’t like this. The truth is that thousands of families visit Disney every year without incident. Some groups, however, may face increased risk due to the nature of their travel. Many mission groups, for instance, travel to less-developed countries or rural regions off the beaten path. Whenever this occurs, something can go wrong – someone becomes ill or injured, baggage gets lost while traveling to a remote location. Also, getting the appropriate medical treatment in an emergency will be more difficult when you need help. If a facility where you are staying cannot provide the level of care required for your medical condition, Fincrew travel medical insurance can provide emergency medical evacuation.

The More People, The Greater The Risk Of Mishaps

Next, we will cover basic rules of probability as a reason why you should have group travel insurance. The possibility of something going wrong increases as travelers adds up too. It is more likely that they can turn ankles on a vineyard tour and that their lungs will catch a cold or respiratory illness. There might be damage to baggage by the airline, and it is more likely that lose money will happen if there is a canceled trip. Companies cannot eliminate risk, but travel insurance reduces the amount of damage caused by it. If you compare the cost of not insuring everyone with the cost of insuring a group, but insurance cost of a group is minimal. Protecting a group’s ethical and legal implications can be especially relevant when traveling with school groups, sports teams, or NGOs. Still, they can also apply to multigenerational family trips.

It Is Easier To Enroll As a Group

If you’ve ever led a group for work or have been the one to organize your squad of friends’ trips, you know how tricky it can be to get everyone to complete paperwork, pay for travel arrangements, and handle all the other logistics. There’s always one person who is less responsible for their choices if there is a “responsible” person. You can enroll more people when purchasing group travel insurance than individual policies. Choosing the group’s destination and trip dates is as simple as selecting the dates for a solo trip and providing the age range of the travelers. If each person has unique needs, you can customize coverage for them if everyone in the group chooses the same coverage. One person pays for the plan with a credit card.

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Choose The Right Travel Insurance For Your Group

If you or your traveling companions want more reasons to consider travel insurance, visit If you have any questions about coverage, we can answer them and help you select the best plan.

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