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If you want to maintain solid financial health, you can’t afford to do your financial planning and preparation anymore; you need to watch it and plan daily. But how do you keep such close tabs on your finances when you have your daily life to live? It is where the host of financial management tools FinCrew is currently offering Malaysians comes into the picture! Whether you want to do road tax preparation, calculate the interest rate for a credit card loan, or handle inventory management for small businesses, you can now find all the resources you need to do that easily here! The best part is that the list of financial and accounting tools available here is uncomplicated and easy to use, so you won’t have trouble navigating them! Some of the cloud-based financial tools available to you now include:

Road Tax Calculator

You don’t have to stress how much the government requires you to pay as road tax anymore. With our road tax calculator, you have to input details like the type of car you use, its engine capacity, and your region, and wait!
You’ll get the exact yearly repayment sum you’re supposed to pay in seconds.

No Claim Discount Checker

Even at the best of times, car insurance can be challenging to understand. It is more so the case the longer you’re on the same insurance package, as you’re likely to do things on autopilot. You can make managing your car insurance policy a lot easier when you use our no claim discount checker to see what no claims benefits you’re entitled to.

Critical Illness Cover Calculator

An excellent critical illness coverage plan can save many out-of-pocket hospital bills. Ensure that you get the best out of your time and money with such methods; you have to get the right policy for you in the first place.
Using our critical illness cover calculator, you’ll be in the right direction faster.

Retrenchment Benefits Calculator

As an employer, the last thing to do is not pay a retrenched staff the correct sum required by the law. It can put you in serious trouble and even result in several legal and financial repercussions. Similarly, every employee should know what retrenchment benefits to expect from a former employer. Regardless of the fence you fall on, our retrenchment benefits financial calculator will help you crunch the numbers accurately and prevent mistakes!

Loan Settlement Calculator

You don’t need to wait till your loan term expiry date is around the corner before finding a steady monthly payment schedule to help clear your debt. It would be best if you supplied our financial loan settlement calculator with the necessary parameters. It’ll help you figure out what interest payments you need to make each month to put any loan in your rearview.

SME Loan Eligibility Checker

Small businesses almost always need a steady influx of funds, whether for expansion or ensuring superior inventory management, and SME loans are critical for this. Using our SME loan eligibility checker, you’ll be able to know if you qualify for such benefits. And, if you don’t, you’ll get a good insight into what you need to do to change that.

With the long list of financial tools you now have at your disposal, managing your financial health will be easy and comfortable!

Fincrew Roadtax Calculator
Roadtax Calculator

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