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Adding a Non-Family Member As a Car Insurance Liability

Adding a Non-Family Member As a Car Insurance Liability Blog

Having solid, all-around financial protection for your automobile is an intelligent play under any circumstance. It means you want to make sure that your car is fully insured, regardless of who is driving it, how, and when. But that being said, how do you go about achieving this exactly? What does the rule book say about adding someone who isn’t an immediate member of your family to your policy? What are the relevant things you should know about this process?

So, ever wondered if you can add a non-family member to your auto coverage policy? Short answer; Yes, you can! It’s effortless too! What’s more, most times, it is even in your best interest that you do this!

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Sadly, many vehicle owners aren’t aware of this little fact. One possible reason for this may be the common misconception that auto insurers follow the driver. In reality, your insurer follows the car, not the driver. What matters most to your car insurance provider is the type of person behind the wheel of your car and the driving history that they have managed to accrue. How you know the person or people in question is actually of little consequence. However, where things become a little more complicated is determining when to add the non-family member. For the most part, you are okay with letting a friend or colleague drive your car once or twice every few months without adding them to your policy. However, adding that friend or neighbor takes on a greater level of importance if you let them have your car with any measure of frequency. It is only reasonable as the more often they drive your vehicle, the higher the chances of an accident.

With this in mind, all you need to do to get that non-family member on your policy is reach out to your insurer and inform them that you would like to add someone. Of course, this would lead to your car insurance rates being reviewed. If the person has a worse driving record than you do, you can expect to start paying more for car insurance. If the person’s driving record is better than yours, your rates might be reviewed downwards. And with this, you’re ready to add anyone to your car insurance!


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