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2022 Thailand Pass Test & Go Application Guide For Malaysians

2022 Thailand Pass blog

If you haven’t taken it personally, surely you’ve heard tales of those who’ve applied for the Thailand Pass and had to wait days or even weeks to hear back. However, we’ve found a clear and straightforward way Malaysians can apply and get approval within 24 hours! Here, we’ll be highlighting all the tools you’ll need and the steps to take to ensure you encounter minimal, if any, delay.

Basic Requirements For Malaysians To Apply Thailand Pass Test & Go Plan

Before anything else, you need to log on to the Thailand Pass website. Another thing you need to know before you proceed is that you need to meet these two essential criteria before the approach we’re about to highlight will work for you;

  1. You need to be a Malaysian.
  2. You must’ve been fully vaccinated.

If you’re not Malaysian or haven’t been vaccinated yet, there’s a column on the website you can follow to guide you on what to do.
For people who meet the two criteria highlighted above, some documents you’ll need to have at the ready include;

  • A valid ticket to Thailand.
  • Your SHA Extra Hotel invoice or receipt.
  • A valid PCR Test Appointment Invoice of receipt for the First Day in the country (Thailand).
  • A Valid travel insurance plan with COVID-19 coverage.
  • A valid MySejahtera Vaccination Certificate.
  • A Malaysian Passport that’s still valid for more than 6 months, at least.

Please keep in mind that you need to make sure that you have them in JPG format as you’ll be uploading these documents online. For emphasis, do not prepare any of these documents in PDF or other format. With these prepared, you can follow a simple guideline to get your approval fast and easy!

Step One – Pick Your Means Of Arrival

Are you coming in by air or land? Whatever the case may be, pick the appropriate means of travel for you and then ensure you choose the options “NON-Thai” and “English.” This will go a long way in ensuring that all the information that’s subsequently brought to you is the right one for Malaysians.

Step Two – Get Your Travel Insurance With COVID Coverage

We recommend you do that here as you’ll get all the flexibility you need to choose the right package for yourself and be cost-effective while you’re at it.

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Step Three – Familiarize Yourself With Malaysia Border Rules

This step is crucial as it’ll help you order your plans and keep you from getting caught. You can find out all Malaysian regulations regarding travel here.

Step Four – Begin The Test & Go Application Process Proper

With all the preamble seen, you can now click on “Test and Go.” Since you’ll be filling in a lot of data here, you’ve got to be especially careful, as even one mistake or oversight could lead to your application being denied or delayed. Here you’ll start by filling the “Purpose of Travel” page. First, input the name of the port you’ll be arriving, don’t forget to include the details of your flight number. Next, you’ll need to input the details of your Passport. You can do this by simply uploading the JPG format of the Passport Detail you prepared earlier. After this, you’ll move to the next page, where you’ll be asked to supply your COVID-19 vaccination details. Simply upload that as well. The next page is where you’ll put the details of the hotel you made reservations with. You’ll have to include the invoice of the transaction here. Keep in mind that they’ll be checking the information you put here. Also, any accommodation you book has to be an SHA Extra plus lodging or hotel. The next page will require you to show evidence you’ve secured a purchase of your RTK-PCR first-day test. How much you pay for this will vary, depending on where you’re going and what clinic you visit.

Step Five – Check Your Application Status

Upon completing all the above steps, you’ll be issued a serial number. This is what you’ll use to check the status of your Thailand Pass application. To avoid any hassle, make sure you don’t lose this information. If you’ve followed all the outlined steps, you’ll have no problems securing approval fast!


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As the process of applying for the Thailand Pass Test and Go Plan is constantly changing, travelers need to stay updated on transpiring events. We’ll be constantly revising the information on this page to reflect current events, so make sure you check back for more information! We wish you a happy stay in Thailand!

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