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Can I Insure A Car Without Driver’s License?

Can I Insure A Car Without Driver License blog

Due to one reason or the other, you might find yourself needing to take on an auto insurance policy for your vehicle in the absence of a license. Are you wondering if it’s possible to get insurance without a valid driver’s license in the country? Would you like to find out how to go about it? All you have to do is sit back and keep watching this video! Hello and welcome to yet another episode of the Insurance360 Video Series! Today, I’ll be talking you through how to get a fully operational insurance package for your automobile without a license in quick, easy steps! I’m Stella, Fincrew brand ambassador and thanks for joining us today. Get everything you need to know about automobile insurance at your fingertips! Just click on that Subscribe icon and enable notification settings so you can view everything in our Insurance360 Video Series!

Now that you’ve done that, let’s get started. A driver’s license is a big part of getting auto insurance in Malaysia. One major reason for this is because any auto insurance company requires this information to research your driving history. If they don’t have it, then they can’t estimate the potential risk they’re taking on with your driving. By extension, this means that they may experience a little difficulty evaluating what you’ll pay a premium for your insurance. For this reason, finding an insurer that will offer you coverage in the absence of a driver’s license is a bit challenging. It’s challenging, but not impossible. Some insurers will still extend your coverage even when you don’t have a valid driver’s license. These insurers account for the fact you mightn’t have a license due to factors like using a chauffeur or having an existing medical condition. To that end, if you want to get coverage from these providers, you can do so using any of the following channels.

Name Someone Else as the Primary Driver

You can simply buy the policy under the name of another individual. This works best if the person you’ll be using,

  • Lives at your address,
  • Is related to you, and
  • Possesses a valid driver’s license

However, depending on your potential insurer’s exact requirements, the person filling for you as the primary driver may not have to meet all the demands just mentioned. Still, in line with this approach, you could buy the policy and list yourself as an excluded driver. Many insurance providers are usually open to this. You have to remember that should you get involved in an accident while driving, you won’t receive any payout to cover the resulting expenses.

List a Licensed Driver As Vehicle Co-Owner

Alternatively, you could take out the policy and then list someone with a valid driver’s license as the vehicle’s co-owner. On many levels, following this approach may prove more convenient for you than the previous option.

Operate a Parked Car Policy

If you have an exotic or expensive car parked in your garage that you simply MUST take on an insurance, you can work out an arrangement where your insurer drops other coverage but still insures your vehicle against theft, fire and damages. Essentially, these are the most common ways you can insure your vehicle without possessing a driver’s license. So what do you think of possessing cars without a driver’s license? Would you have done it? Let us know more in the comments section below. Don’t leave without giving us a Like and hitting the Subscribe button. Enable notifications, too! See you again!

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