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Part One Of Driving Guide In Malaysia

Part One Of Driving Guide In Malaysia Blog

As far as locations go, Malaysia is arguably one of the best places in the world you could visit. If you are staying so long that you need a vehicle to get around, or you value your comfort and need a private means of getting around, there are a few things you should make yourself aware of about the country’s driving practices. As far as driving goes in the country, most rules you’ll encounter are likely to be very similar to ones you already know and practice. After all, the universal goal of these regulations is to ensure your safety and improve your comfort. That said, it can’t be avoided that you’ll come across other regulations that will be a bit foreign to you. To that end, we’ve provided a two-part driving guide in Malaysia to help you find your footing easily. Enjoy!

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Basic Driving Knowledge

Earlier, we mentioned that some driving rules in the country might be a common practice where you’re from while others sound entirely new. Owing to that, we’ll be starting our driving guide with common knowledge in Malaysia.

Speed Limit In Malaysia

The first item on our list is the speed limit. The speed limit varies wildly, depending on what part of the country you find yourself. For example, in most urban areas, you aren’t allowed to exceed 60 km per hour. The limit is more relaxed in rural areas as you can go as high as 90 km per hour there! In turn, the motorway speed limit is 110 km per hour. So knowing where you are can help you drive safely within the speed limit. Knowing where you are can help you drive accordingly.

Malaysia Driving Side

The practice among drivers here is to drive on the left side of the road. The vehicles in operation in Malaysia have their steering wheel located to the right. You must bear this fact in mind, mainly if you’re coming from an origin country that drives on the right side. Otherwise, you might get confused and in extreme cases, even involved in an accident. Understandably, you might need awhile to adjust to driving this way, if you haven’t before.

Blood Alcohol Limit In Malaysia

This is yet another aspect that you need to pay careful attention to. If you are driving, then your blood mustn’t contain more than 80 mg of alcohol. Since you can be stopped and subjected to a test by the police at any time, you must adhere strictly to this.

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Driving Age In Malaysia

If you plan on driving, the minimum age allowed behind the wheel is 17. To rent a car, however, you need to be at least as old as 23 in the country. As a nation, Malaysia takes everything traffic-related very seriously. Thus, anyone who drives has to be fully responsible for his/her actions on the road.

Please stay tuned for the concluding part of this driving guide in Malaysia!

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