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Personal Accident Insurance

Guide To Make Personal Accident Insurance Claim

How To Make Personal Accident Insurance Claim Blog

Despite everyone’s best efforts to prevent accidents, they still happen occasionally. In our everyday lives, we are all exposed to accidents, and that is why we should all have personal accident insurance. Its purpose is to provide cover against accidents that result in bodily harm, injuries, disabling conditions, or death so that even if an accident takes you away from work, you have a way to survive until you can return to work. What happens if an accident occurs? How do you file a claim? Learn how to file an insurance claim for a personal accident.

How Do Insurance Claims Work?

It is a formal request from a policyholder to an insurance company for compensation or coverage related to a covered loss or policy. Upon receiving the claim, the company confirms (or denies) the claim. Upon approval, the insurance company will issue payment to them or an interested party on behalf of the insured. An insured person can sometimes have a third-party file the claim on their behalf. However, only the named individuals on the policy are eligible to claim payments.

How To File a Claim For a Personal Accident Insurance Policy

It is vital to understand the claim process when dealing with a personal accident insurance policy during an emergency. The steps detailed below describe how to file an individual accident insurance policy claim.

Step 1: Notify The Insurer

The insured’s responsibility is notifying the insurer when an event may cause a claim under the policy. It can be requested in writing, orally, or via phone and must comply with the policy requirement in this regard.

Step 2: Proof Of Loss By Providing Necessary Documents

As soon as you inform the insurer, you will have to prove that you have suffered a loss, and this is done by providing different documents. If you fail to prove your loss satisfactorily or convincingly within a reasonable amount of time, it may void your liability.

Step 3: Submit A Duly Filled-Out Claim Form

Afterward, you will receive a policy claim form from the insurance company, or if the state has not been received from the company, you can request it directly from the company. A completed form must contain all pertinent and accurate information and be signed by the policyholder or nominee.

Step 4: Provide Other Documents As Required By The Case

After submitting the form and policy documents, your insurer will ask you for other verification documents such as proof of identification, address, etc. Provide copies of these documents to the insurance company.

Step 5: The Insurer Examines The Claim

Once the insurance company receives all the documentation and information regarding the policy and treatment required, it will thoroughly examine the claim’s legitimacy and accident. By providing this information, the insurance company makes sure you file a claim for treatment that is required and not unnecessary, and it is also strictly due to an accident or other event covered by the policy.

Step 6: Settlement Of The Claim

Following all verification and inquiry, the company may approve the claim if they are satisfied with its authenticity. If the claim is rejected, the company may request additional documentation for verification; if the claim is still unsatisfied, they may leave it.

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What Documents Are Needed To File a Personal Accident Insurance Claim?

You should be aware of the documents required to file a claim for a personal accident health insurance policy on time. These may include:

  • Claim form signed by the claimant
  • Certificate of Death if applicable
  • Disability Certificate relevant to the case
  • Physicians’ Report
  • Health Certificate
  • Bills for medical care
  • Report of accident investigation

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