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Top Auto Insurance Companies In Malaysia

Top Auto Insurance Companies In Malaysia Blog

Insurers that offer the cheapest rates aren’t necessarily the best. Insurance is a tricky business, and it’s tempting to shop based on price alone, but you’ll need a company that will help you if you need to file a claim. It’s not worth picking the cheapest coverage only to find out it doesn’t offer you the protection you need. For 2022, we have compiled our list of the best auto Insurance companies for you to choose from for your insurance needs.

Which Auto Insurance Companies Are The Best In Malaysia?

Across the country, we talked to real customers at four of the largest auto insurance companies. These reviews offer valuable insight into how well a company serves its customers, which can help determine the best company for you. We analyzed this data to determine the best insurance companies in the country and those with the best claims handling, customer service, and loyalty programs. Additionally, it identifies the insurance companies whose policies are most likely to be renewed and recommended by their policyholders.

Top Ranked Auto Insurance Companies In Malaysia

1. Allianz Car Insurance

There are many auto insurance companies in Malaysia, but we found Allianz to be the best. This insurance provider’s customers are delighted with its customer service. In addition to its ease of filing claims, initial response service, the Allianz tow trucks, as well as its quick approval time of 10 minutes, and they also offer frequent updates on each claim’s progress. Their customers also appreciate the company’s claims handling process.

2. AXA Car Insurance

According to most survey respondents, AXA makes filing a claim easy, so many intend to renew their coverage. In addition, customers appreciated de tariffing rates and the more significant number of add-on options offered by the business. As part of AXA’s unique offerings, we offer SmartDrive Enhanced Private Cars with Telematics. If you add AXA FlexiDrive to your policy, your premium rates will be lower! Generally, insured drivers through AXA believe that the company is a good value.

3. Etiqa Car Insurance

At the top of our list, Etiqa is the third-best auto insurance company. In general, consumers who have filed a claim agree that Etiqa makes the process easy. They offer a 10% rebate on top of your NCD if you renew online. The company provides insurance and 24-hour roadside assistance, emergency medical assistance abroad, and unfound friends and family assistance in every insurance company. It is Etiqa’s customer assistance system that gives you the feeling of security and safety. According to the survey, most respondents plan to renew their policy and are likely to recommend Etiqa to friends and family.

4. Zurich Car Insurance

Although Zurich Car Insurance generally earns good ratings across the board, it did not stand out in any area as being exceptionally superior to the competition. There are a few packages they offer that are particularly interesting, such as:

  • Drivers with low risk can receive a 10% discount on their premium
  • With voluntary excess, you can receive a discount of up to 20%
  • Water damage coverage as low as RM10 per year
  • Driver and passengers can get an accident insurance policy for as little as RM15 per year
  • Access to a courtesy car on an unlimited basis
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