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What Is Not Covered Under Group Personal Accident Insurance?

Not Covered Under Group Personal Accident Insurance Blog

In the worst-case scenario, an accident can cause bodily injury, disabilities, and even death. Despite death being inevitable, a personal accident insurance policy can protect you and your family. You can acquire a personal accident policy that will save you if you are injured or die due to the accident. If the policyholder dies, the insurance company will pay a lump sum to the policy’s beneficiary. However, there are some exclusions under the individual personal accident policy. The official policy wordings will communicate the list of exclusions and terms and conditions therein. Here, we provide a general list of personal accident exclusions.

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Things Not Covered By A Personal Accident Policy

Below is a list of general exclusions:

Intentional Injury: No claim will be honoured under this policy if the policyholder suffers a burn, a fracture, a disability, a disfigurement, a partial or total disability, a death, etc., caused by intentional or negligent behaviour.

An Injury From Civil or Foreign War: A claim will not be honoured if the claimant was involved in a civil or foreign armed conflict that resulted in burns, fractures, dismemberment, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, death, hospitalization, or other such loss of life effects.

Drug or Alcohol-Related Injuries Caused By The Policyholder: The policy will not pay out a claim if the claimant was under drugs or alcohol, resulting in burns, broken bones, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, dismemberment, death, or hospitalization.

AIDS, HIV, or Another STD: Under this policy, no claims will be honoured if a policyholder suffers from AIDS, HIV or any other condition associated with an STD.

Participants Injured or Killed Due To Violent Public Disorders: A claim will not be honoured if the policyholder was injured, destroyed, or required hospitalization due to any labour disturbance, strike, demonstration, protest, riot, public disorder, etc.

If Injured During Military Service: Under the individual personal accident policy, they will accept claims for an individual who suffers burns, broken bones, a permanent partial disability, a permanent total disability, dismemberment, a temporary partial disability, a temporary total disability, or dies as a result of duty while in the armed forces.

Adventure Sports-Related Injuries: The claim will not be covered by this insurance policy if the policyholder suffers burns, broken bones, permanent partial disability, death, required hospitalization, etc., due to participating in sports such as river rafting and bungee jumping.

Illnesses or Injuries That Have Occurred In The Past: A claim will not be honoured under this policy if the policyholder suffered bodily injury, death, or required hospitalization because of any existing medical condition or illness worsened.

Claims Arising From Pregnancy or Childbirth: In injury, damage, or death due to the policyholder’s pregnancy or childbirth, claims cannot be honoured. These injuries are burns, fractures, permanent partial disabilities, permanent total disabilities, dismemberments, death and hospitalizations.

Personal Accident Insurance Benefits

Some of the benefits of personal accident insurance for car owners and drivers are the following:

  • The best way to get protection from accidental injuries is to get personal accident coverage.
  • The personal accident insurance you have with your automobile will cover your medical costs, including hospitalization, treatment, and medical bills if you are involved in an auto accident while driving.
  • In case of a permanent disability caused by an accident, you would also have monetary compensation.
  • A personal accident policy will also compensate your dependents if you die in a car accident.

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