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Why You Need Flood Cover For Your Car Insurance

Why You Need Flood Cover For Your Car Insurance Blog

It is not uncommon for floods to happen in Malaysia. In many areas, they are becoming more frequent and can have a devastating effect on your vehicle. So it is very important to protect your car against natural disasters such as floods before it happens. Does your auto insurance cover flood damage? Why do you need flood cover for your vehicle? Read on to know more.

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

If the policy you are carrying is comprehensive, then you are covered for flood damage. In Malaysia, a complete policy is not mandatory, but it is recommended that you have it in any unforeseen circumstances such as flooding. Though the coverage can be pricey, it will protect you and your car from many of life’s uncontrollable events in addition to heavy rains and flooding, vandalism, theft, windshield damage, etc.

Reasons Why You Need Flood Cover For Your Car


Protect You Against Substantial Financial Loss

Comprehensive cover protects you from heavy financial liability in the event of serious flooding. Floods or heavy rains can cause severe damage to a car, making comprehensive auto insurance a must-have to protect someone from huge financial losses. Rising water levels may get into your car’s engine and interior during heavy rain, potentially wreaking havoc on the vehicle. More so, hailstorms can lead to water damage if it breaks the windows of your car, allowing rain and hail into it. When these happen, your flood cover will protect you from all financial loss resulting from the flood. If your car is declared totaled, i.e., damaged beyond repairs or cost more than the car’s worth, comprehensive coverage helps pay to replace the vehicle up to its actual cash value. Flooding can be disappointing, but having a comprehensive policy may help protect you against massive financial loss if your car is damaged by flooding.

Save You From Hassle And Time

The kind of experience one gets during and after flooding is frustrating and sometimes happens to be time-consuming. Having a comprehensive policy that protects you against flooding saves you time and the hassle of bargaining with the property owners, other drivers.

Protect Yourself And Other Third Party Involved

Carrying a flood cover ensures that you, your family, and other passengers in your car are well-protected. You definitely will not experience any doubt about compensation when the flood, which may cause damage to your vehicle, sometimes causes bodily injury to you and your passengers.

Final Thought

We advise you to do what you can in advance to protect your car against flood damage. You need to Identify the danger level for a possible flood around there and weigh the value of your vehicle against the expense of comprehensive policy. Speak with your auto insurance broker to determine the best approach for you and your family. You should note that even if you carry a comprehensive policy, you should take necessary precautions to protect your car to keep away from the exorbitant, time-devouring, and depleting process of filing a claim and battling for the work to be completed. Leaving your vehicle inside or in an elevated area with excellent drainage can help you keep away from most flood damage.

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