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Part Two Of Driving Guide In Malaysia

Part Two Of Driving Guide In Malaysia Blog

If you went through our previous post on driving guide in Malaysia, then you have a handle on basic driving knowledge in the country and some rules and regulations you have to follow as a driver. Next, we’ll be moving on to slightly more technical matters.

Getting a Drivers’ License

As is probably the rule everywhere in the world, you have to get a drivers’ license. This is the tenable proof that you understand all traffic regulations and are deemed qualified to take the wheel. While you can drive at age 17, you can’t get a license till you’re at least 18. So, in addition to this age requirement, you must also possess a drivers’ license from your country of origin before you can be issued one here as well. Note that your foreign drivers’ license is also viable for use, provided you carry along with a translated copy of it in English or Malay.

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Purchasing Or Importing Your Car

For many reasons, either of these options will require you to invest a reasonable amount of time and energy in realizing your goal. Here’s a summary of how both processes work.

Purchasing Your Car

To purchase or rent a vehicle, you must be between the ages of 23 and 65 and must’ve owned your license for at least one year. That said, you might find getting a car here somewhat challenging, especially if you’re not going for local brands. This is mainly due to the government’s effort to protect local manufacturers as they are vital to the country’s economy.

Importing a Car

With a few exceptions, importing a car means you may have to jump through a lot of hoops and spend quite a bit of money. To get the permits to make it possible, you must be able to provide justifiable personal reasons for choosing to import the vehicle. These restrictions are laxer if you possess a Malaysia My Second Home Visa (MM2H) as it affords you the opportunity of either importing or getting a vehicle tax-free from a local manufacturer.

Tolls and Parking

These are two essential aspects of everyday driving guide in Malaysia. Understanding how they both work can save you time and increase how fast you adjust to driving here.

Malaysia Tolls

If you aren’t very familiar with toll stops, get ready to get a lot of experience with them very quickly here! Toll roads abound in Malaysia, and they play a significant role in easing traffic and making driving comfortable, all for a small price. If you’ll be driving through toll roads, your Touch ‘n Go card is virtually indispensable! As the toll gates don’t take cash, this is the only means by which you can pass through. You can get a card anywhere from gas stations to outlets on the highway. Once you have one, you then load money on it then tender it at any gate you wish to pass through.

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Parking In Malaysia

Parking rules change, depending on where you are. More often than not, different locations operate different parking systems. A safe practice is to make your parking plans according to the standards you meet in each spot. That’s a wrap! We hope you’ve been able to pick up a helpful tip or two to navigate driving in Malaysia. Enjoy your stay.

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