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Driving Under The Influence (DUI)

Driving Under The Influence Blog

The dangers and outgrowths of driving under the influence (DUI) are well-known. Even so, there are some people who still continue to drink and drive. You should know that your driving history plays a crucial role in determining what you pay for car insurance premiums. And if you have a past conviction for DUI or driving while intoxicated (DWI), you will be required to pay higher premiums because you pose a greater risk. We’ll explore how a DUI conviction affects car insurance premiums.

Premium Will Rise

At the point when your insurance company discovers you have a DUI, various things can occur. Your insurance company can drop your policy, but if they choose to keep your business, your premiums will go up. Try not to assume that since you don’t see an instant increment that nothing will occur – the premium rise will regularly happen at the first renewal after the conviction is conclusive. This implies if your policy renews December 1st and your last conviction is December 2nd, you likely won’t see a rate increment for probably another six months.

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For How Long Does A DUI Affect Insurance?

Insurance company rules dictate to what extent your rates will be influenced by a DUI conviction. As with most slight or significant convictions, a DUI will raise your vehicle insurance rates for three to five years. An insurance company may make it, so you are qualified to get insurance with them after the conviction is three years of age, in any case, you will still be paying an extra charge for an additional two years. Insurance companies each make up their guidelines for how they handle DUI convictions. The standard is that DUI will affect your vehicle insurance rate for five years or more.

How Much Will My Premiums Increase?

This question might be a little bit tricky to reply to. It will have a significant effect depending upon your prior driving history. If you are moving out of a preferred driver status into this new high-risk driver status, you will see a tremendous change. You could be paying as high as doubling your present cost and perhaps even higher in some instances. Assuming you are already a high-risk driver, you may not see a very remarkable change in cost. It’s just that your high-risk status will be beginning once again, and you will be paying the high rate for much longer.

What to Do If My Insurance Goes Up After DUI Arrest?

Auto insurance is a serious business. Numerous insurance firms are vying for your business, regardless of whether you have a DUI conviction on your driving record. If your insurance rates go up after your DUI capture, you might want to search for other cheaper insurance premiums. You should also note that several factors could also impact your rate after driving under the influence. Factors such as age, driving history, make and model of your car, time, where you live, etc. could impact your car insurance rate after a DUI. Knowing these factors can help you find the right insurance and limit your cost.

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Though comparing rates can get you less expensive insurance, however, in the end, driving responsibly and mindfully will be the best way to get your rates back to normal. The best thing you can do is to be straightforward with your insurance company and don’t get another DUI.

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