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How Are Auto Insurance Premiums Calculated?

How Are Auto Insurance Premiums Calculated Blog


Are you interested in getting car insurance? Did you know that the premium you pay for the policy depends on numerous factors? Auto insurance premiums do not have a default cost. Instead, they are calculated separately for a specific individual. Here is an overview of factors that will affect your premium!

Coverage Type

The basic option covers only liabili


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ty, and it is the simplest car insurance plan you can get. Other policies might include collision, medical payments, and other specifics. The more extensive the coverage, the more expensive your auto insurance policy.

What Car Do You Want to Insure?

The vehicle that you want to ensure will affect the cost of your auto insurance policy. The general rule is that premiums for high-end cars are more expensive. Although the company will assess your driving history (if possible), owners of high-performance vehicles do not have the reputation of being responsible. That implies they can expect a higher price for their insurance policy. Insurance companies rely on statistics and theft-protection features on your vehicle to determine the risk of someone stealing your car. If they estimate a high risk, they might charge extra for the insurance policy.

How Frequently You Drive and Where?

The mileage you cover with your car will affect the insurance premium. If your workplace isn’t that far, and you only use the vehicle to get to and from it, the premium should be reasonably low. But if you often go on long-distance journeys, the insurance plan cost will increase. The general rule is that crowded cities carry a bigger accident and theft risk than peaceful suburban neighborhoods. The usual parking spot for your car can affect the price of your policy – a garage is a safer place than keeping the vehicle out in the open.

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Personal Details and Driving Statistics

Apart from vehicle-related information, your details and driving statistics will determine the cost of your auto insurance policy.
Here are the factors that affect the price of the premium:

  • Age – the statistics indicate that drivers younger than 25 and older than 65 have the highest rate of accidents.
  • Marital status – drivers who are married are believed to be more responsible, which can lower the policy cost.
  • Driving history – how long have you had a license? Did you have any accidents in the past? Have you paid for speeding tickets or faced any convictions? Insurance companies will use all this when calculating auto insurance premiums.

Finally, if you want to insure multiple cars at once, the odds are you can get a discount deal. The cost of auto insurance premiums for the second vehicle should be reduced.

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