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Car Servicing And Maintenance In Malaysia

Car Servicing And Maintenance In Malaysia Blog

The only surefire way to improve the longevity of any machine is by following a consistent maintenance culture. It is where car servicing comes into the picture. You need to know the basics of good car service to get the best value out of your brand-new or second-hand car. Let’s take a look at that now.

What Is Car Servicing?

Car servicing involves taking your automobile to a professional for a full health check and routine maintenance measures after a specific time has passed or the vehicle has covered a certain distance. How often you have to get your car serviced depends on several variables. The most important of these are the car brand and the road conditions you use the vehicle in.

What Does a Full Car Service Cover?

Giving your car a full service involves:

Cleaning Or Replacing The Filters

There are four (4) different types of filters in your car. These are the air, cabin, fuel, and oil filters. Each of these filters plays a vital role in maintaining the functionality of your vehicle, and cleaning or replacing them as appropriate can make a huge difference.

Cleaning Or Replacing The Spark Plugs

Cars that undergo a fairly regular complete servicing procedure are less likely to have problems starting. Taking proper and timely care of the vehicle’s spark plugs contributes to keeping the ignition in top shape.

Properly Gauging The Tires

Most vehicle owners underestimate the importance of ensuring their tires have the proper pressure. However, if you use your vehicle when it doesn’t have the correct tire pressure, you’re effectively reducing the lifespan of the tires. What’s more, you may be increasing your fuel consumption too. Servicing your car also extends to gauging the tire pressure and ensuring everything is as it should be.

Maintaining The Vehicle’s Lubricants

From the brake and the power steering fluid to the engine oil and automatic transmission fluid, servicing your car ensures that all these lubricants are appropriately changed and up to gauge.

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Cost Of Car Servicing In Malaysia Today

Since the frequency and intensity depend on the car, the amount for this service is also determined. For example, servicing a Perodua Myvi can cost as little as RM 118, while giving a Mercedes the same treatment can easily cost RM3,000 or more.

Advantages Of Regularly Servicing Your Car

Some benefits of consistently carrying out maintenance practices on your vehicle are;

  • Reduces unnecessary expenses
  • Ensures your safety
  • Improves the lifespan of your automobile
  • Ensures that you can demand a higher asking price at resale
  • Keep your vehicle running smoothly at all times.


The pros of frequently servicing your car far outweigh any financial constraints this exercise might put on you. So, it’s certainly worth doing. See this to complement your car servicing with excellent auto insurance.

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