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Cleaning a car may seem like a difficult task for some people, but it is an important task, especially for drivers. So, if you are a driver or private car owner who understands how your car looks says a lot about you, here are some tips for you.

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Where To Start From

When you are ready to wash your car, it is advisable to start washing the interior before washing the body. Cleaning the interior part of the vehicle is as essential as the body, especially during an era when COVID-19 has continued to infect people worldwide. We all must play our role in reducing the spread of the disease. While cleaning the interior of your car, it is imperative to remove dirt from every part of the motor where dust and dirt could mar. The details of the vehicle that should not be left uncleaned includes:

  • Seats,
  • Steering wheel,
  • Carpets,
  • Ignition, and power button,
  • Dashboard,
  • Air vents,
  • Gear stick,
  • Radio,
  • Seatbelts and clips,
  • Seat adjust controls,
  • Headrests,
  • Roof and doors,
  • Central storage,
  • Cup holder;
  • Bonnet, boot, and tank release lever,
  • Interior lights, etc.

Things To Remember

The interior of the car should be cleaned with your towel or cloth. You should not pour water inside your vehicle to avoid irritation, but can be done by dipping your towel inside the water and squeezing a bit before cleaning. You can use disinfectants while cleaning the interior of your car to prevent germs.

Guide For Washing The Body

Cleaning the body of your vehicle increases prolongs the life of the vehicle. It retains the bright look of the car and equally increases its resale value.

Keep Some Sponge Of Cloth Specifically For Your Car

It is always good to keep specific sponges or cloth for your car because sponges and towels or cloth often retain pieces of grit easily, and if not careful, it can cause damage to the look of your vehicle by scratching. So, it is better to keep a towel or sponge specifically for that purpose.

Wash From Top To Down

It is essential to wash your car from the top down to make the task easier and faster. Washing the car from the top down allows water to drip over the vehicle’s lower parts while washing the upper part. This would prevent you from having to clean the same part over again.

Do Not Forget The Wheel

After washing the body of your car, don’t forget to clean the tires as well. The tires should be washed with a brush to help remove dirt adequately. The tire rims must also be washed to give the desired look.

Rinse As You Wash

Instead of washing the whole car with soap at a go before rinsing, it is better to rinse as you wash. The vehicle can be washed in sections – roof, front windscreen, bonnet, right side, etc. when a part has been washed, and it should be rinsed immediately to give a professional look afterwards.

Do Not Leave It To Dry Naturally

Leaving your car to dry naturally after wash could cause streaky watermarks that may not seem appalling to you. To avoid this, ensure to dry it with your towel after wash. That gives it the desired look by removing the potential streaky watermarks.

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Things To Take Note

Make sure you clean the full length of all control stalks for indicators, headlights, and windscreen wipers. Washing your car allows you to pay extra attention to specific areas of your vehicle that are incredibly dirty and enables you to retain the perfect condition of the vehicle’s look.

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