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Evs (Electric Vehicles) Have Cheaper Maintenance But May Cost More To Repair

Electric Vehicles Have Cheaper Maintenance But May Cost More To Repair Blog

When purchasing a vehicle, many consumers overlook maintaining and repairing the car. It is certainly possible to reduce this significant expense by choosing a very reliable vehicle. Still, even the most reliable machines tend to malfunction or need maintenance sooner or later. Electric vehicles are known to have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional cars. On the other hand, a study found that the maintenance cost of an EV is lower than for an automobile with an internal combustion engine over the long run.

Why Is Evs Cheaper To Maintain

Because electric vehicles do not require oxygen sensors, spark plugs, motor oil, or timing belts, they need fewer parts to maintain. Andrew Burnham of the Argonne National Laboratory estimates that fully electric vehicle maintenance is about 40% cheaper than gas-powered vehicles. “Electric vehicles save a substantial amount of money over their lifetime compared to gasoline ones,” he says. In addition, CR survey results show hundreds of thousands of members maintain their EVs or plug-in hybrids for half as much as their gas-powered counterparts. According to CR’s study, an electric car can save consumers an average of RM4,600 in maintenance costs.

But Why Is Evs Costlier To Repair

Due to the newness of EVs in the automotive landscape, We Predict found that service centers and mechanics worked longer hours when dealing with EVs. The reason is that the technology is so new that it takes longer to diagnose problems, let alone fix them. On average, EVs require 1.5 times as many labor hours as traditional vehicles, and the labor rate is 1.3 times higher. Electric cars require additional certifications for service and repair that may contribute to the higher rates.

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Final Thought

There is no doubt that the “industry in launch” is still ironing out more refined details, which at least temporarily drives up costs. Nevertheless, maintenance costs are helping close the gap: While servicing an EV costs more today, the actual cost of maintaining a battery-powered vehicle is less than half what it costs to keep a car with an internal combustion engine. In the first year of owning an electric vehicle, owners spend an average of RM30 on maintenance, while gas-powered car owners spend an average of RM70.

Although the situation looks short-term, we won’t have more reliable long-term information until EVs have been on the way for a more extended period. The upshot is that EVs will require some extra cash for repairs, but they may be more cost-effective in the long run.

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