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Compassionate Care Benefits In Insurance Explained

Compassionate Care Benefits In Insurance Explained Blog

A loved one’s death or the threat of death is one of the most challenging times for anyone. While looking after a gravely ill family member can be stressful both at work and home, you shouldn’t be forced to choose between keeping your job and caring for your family. In such circumstances, insurance companies believe you should not have to choose between taking care of your family and keeping your job. It is where compassionate care benefits come into play.

What Is Compassionate Care Benefits Insurance Policy?

The compassionate care benefit is a type of Employment Insurance (El) benefit paid to people who must temporarily leave work to care for or support a close family member who is terminally ill. The family member has a significant risk within 26 weeks (six months). Therefore, beneficiaries may receive compassionate care benefits for a maximum of six weeks.

Who Is Considered As a Caregiver?

An individual who provides care or support to critically ill, injured, or in need of end-of-life care is considered a caregiver.

Who Is Considered a Family Member?

Compassionate care benefits are available for a wide range of family members-both, both your own and those of your spouse or common-law partner. As well as receiving benefits for caring for a family member, you can also receive compassionate care benefits for caring for a close friend or neighbor suffering from a grave illness.

What Is Considered a Critically Ill Or Injured Person?

When someone is critically ill or injured, their baseline state of health has significantly changed due to their illness or injury. Consequently, they are at risk of death and need the support of one or more caregivers to maintain their life. Therefore, physicians or nurse practitioners must certify that they meet these criteria. Caregiver benefits are not available for individuals with chronic medical conditions unless their health significantly changes due to a new life-threatening event.

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Who Can Apply?

You are eligible for compassionate care benefits for up to six weeks. If you provide support to a gravely ill family member within 26 weeks, you can qualify for human care benefits for up to six weeks. You can also apply for compassionate care benefits if you are unemployed and receiving EL benefits. You must be able to show the following to qualify for compassionate care benefits:

  • There has been a decrease of over 40 percent in your regular weekly earnings; and
  • Since starting your last claim (the qualifying period), you have accumulated 600 insured hours of work.

Please Note

You will need more insured hours to claim compassion care benefits if you have previously received El benefits and received a written notice (such as a warning letter or penalty letter) for making a false statement.

Can I Take Compassionate Care Leave Without Losing My Job?

In this type of situation, companies usually provide job protection for their employees. The definition of a family member varies from company to company. Before applying for compassionate care leave, be sure you have job protection from your employer.

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Is It Possible To Share Compassionate Care Benefits?

Share your six-weeks compassionate care benefits with other family members. However, each family member must apply and receive the benefits. You and your family members should know the number of weeks you will take to apply for compassionate care benefits. Each family member may claim benefits at any time during the 26 weeks, either simultaneously or separately.

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