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Personal Accident Insurance

Top Personal Accident Insurance Companies In Malaysia

Top Personal Accident Insurance Companies In Malaysia Blog

Let’s get the facts straight. We can never predict the future, and sometimes we do not have control over it. Accidents are among these things that we cannot control. Unexpected injuries can drastically change a life, and financial strain is especially difficult for breadwinners. No matter how much care we may put into avoiding accidents, it is always better to prepare ourselves and our families (financially) for such incidents. The purpose of personal accident (PA) insurance is to provide compensation in the event of injuries, disabilities, or death caused by accidents. A policyholder receives a tax-free lump sum payment if they are critically injured or die in an accident. We compared more than 20 insurance companies based on coverage options, pricing, and more to find the best personal accident insurance policy.

Compare Personal Accident Insurance
Personal accident insurance from as low as RM8 per month.

Top Personal Insurance Company In Malaysia


1. Etiqa Takaful Malaysia

Malaysia’s Etiqa Takaful is the best overall company for providing a series of personalized accident insurance plans for every country’s citizens. The organization offers different types of personal accident insurance, such as Buddy PA Insurance, Takaful Buddy PA Insurance, RideCare PA Insurance, and Car Accident Special Protection Insurance. If you would like a quote, you can easily access it on the company’s website by selecting your policy type, providing your state of residence, and confirming your age is between 18 and 64. Additionally, if you prefer to discuss your insurance needs directly with an agent, you can call a national hotline to speak directly with an insurance agent. Whether the accident occurs at work or during your free time, your policy will cover it. Beneficiaries will receive benefits directly from the Insurance Company rather than from a medical facility such as a hospital.

2. AIG

AIG, also known as American International Group, offers the lowest monthly premiums among the companies featured in this list, making it our top pick for affordable options. Since 1919, AIG has provided insurance services in over 80 countries around the world. In addition, they offer MyGUARDIAN PA Online, where you can request a quote by selecting an individual or family plan on their website. With AIG, you can buy PA protection for only RM76 per year. The policy offers 100-year coverage.


  • Medical Expenses and Daily Hospitalization Income – Up to RM5,000 of medical expenses payable to the insured for treating injuries, and RM300 per day if hospitalized.
  • Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement – You may receive an accident-related lump sum of up to RM300,000, depending on the policy you purchase.
  • Medical Concierge – Take care of yourself during your hospital stay and afterward. If you need arrangements for doctor appointments or hospital admissions, medical monitoring, or home nursing services, our medical concierge team is available 24/7 to help.
  • Enhanced Coverage With Optional Add-On Packages – Additional benefits such as medical, hospital, and specific infectious disease coverage, such as COVID-19, can be included for an additional premium.

3. Great Eastern Insurance

Choosing The Great Eastern was made more accessible by its excellent service delivery and customer support. If you file a claim, an assigned representative will ensure that the process runs smoothly. You can choose from a mix of diverse and personalized plans to protect your family and safeguard what you value most. Different types of personal accident coverage and programs are available through the company, such as GreatShield Active, Platinum PA, Lady Protector, MOS Shield, Easi Shield, Easi Protector, etc. The company offers insurance policies online and through the company’s national hotline, where you can speak directly with a sales agent.

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