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Does Car Insurance Cover You If Your Car Is Broken Into?

Does Car Insurance Cover You If Someone Breaks Into Your Car Blog

The entire purpose of getting insurance coverage for your vehicle is to measure financial protection when the worst happens. But do you know all that your current car insurance coverage protects you?

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What Happens If Your Car Is Burgled?

No one exactly plans for it, but the sad reality is that car break-ins and thefts are becoming an increasingly common occurrence all over the country. A recent car theft statistic showed that this crime had risen more than 20% in the last decade alone! Luckily, this is why car insurance exists! However, you must keep in mind that simply because you have a valid car insurance policy doesn’t guarantee that you are insured if your car gets burgled. It is because there are different types of car insurance. These various types of coverage, in turn, extend multiple levels of protection to your automobile. The three types of coverage available to vehicle owners are;

The Third Party Coverage

As the essential coverage policy you can get for your vehicle, you cannot get this type of coverage to cover the cost of repairs or replacement to any stolen part of your vehicle or any item inside.

The Third Party, Fire And Theft Coverage

Being a significant step up from the previous insurance coverage, this type of coverage offers you some measure of financial protection if someone breaks into your car. It is worth keeping in mind that the exact circumstance of the break-in factors into whether or not you get compensated for the incident.

The Comprehensive Coverage

Under Comprehensive coverage, you are entitled to file a claim for a full payout if your vehicle is robbed. However, this policy will pay out for replacing parts of the car stolen from the car during the break-in. It will replace your car stereo, wipers, and air conditioning system, but you are not entitled to any compensation if you lose your laptop due to the same incident. In essence, once you see signs of vehicle burglary and you follow the standard procedure of reporting the incident to the authorities, you can expect a payout accordingly.

In conclusion, this is without a doubt the best type of coverage you can have on your vehicle should it fall victim to theft or robbery.

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