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Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP)

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If most Malaysian drivers and vehicle owners were asked this question, they’d most likely say no. As a concept and an operating system, the Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool isn’t very well known. There is a good reason for this. If you use a vehicle for commercial or private purposes in the country, you know you have to get insurance coverage before you can put the vehicle on the road legally, right? For the average vehicle owner, this is a relatively simple process. All you have to do is get in touch with an insurance agent or better, access an auto insurance agency online and handle all your details there. However, for some vehicle owners, the process of getting coverage isn’t quite so simple. As such, Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool or MMIP for short comes into play.

What precisely is MMIP, and why is it so important?

What exactly makes it different from the regular insurance drivers get? We’ll be answering these questions and many more shortly.

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What It The Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool?

Put concisely, it is an insurance pool specifically designated for high-risk insured property which is operated directly in the insurance industry through the guidance and instructions of regulators. Earlier, we mentioned that getting auto insurance is simpler for some vehicle owners than it is for others. The reason some automobile owners encounter difficulty while trying to get insurance for their vehicles is largely owing to the perceived risks of insuring those vehicles. Here is what we mean.

For example, any vehicle owner operating a vehicle that has been inactive for fifteen (15) years or more is likely to encounter some serious difficulty when trying to get insurance coverage for such a vehicle. As you can imagine, a vehicle of over 15 years, even properly maintained is still very likely to take damage more easily and need more repairs when compared to vehicles that haven’t been used as long. This is a factor that most insurers consider very important. These types of vehicles are seen to pose a higher risk, and as such, the average insurer is likely to stay away from them. Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP) was specifically created to cater for vehicles that pose a higher than normal level of risk.

Why Is It Important?

In Malaysia, regardless of how old your vehicle is or what the situation is, you must have vehicle insurance–if you want to be able to use the roads freely. MMIP is indispensable in that it affords individuals whose vehicles have a higher than normal level of risk the opportunity to continue using their vehicles. Without offering these vehicles the insurance they need, it wouldn’t be possible for them to stay on the road. MMIP was specially created to cater to vehicles that other insurers won’t provide insurance for so they can get coverage with relative ease.

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What Type Of Coverage Policy Does Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool Offer?

Similar to normal insurance, regular drivers have access to, Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP) also offers access to packages like the basic Third Party insurance and Comprehensive insurance coverage.


Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP) offers a wider selection of favorable options for automobile owners to choose from. So if you find that the regular insurance packages don’t quite fit the bill, you can always check Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP) for something more adequate.

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