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Is Motorcycle Insurance Mandatory?

Is Motorcycle Insurance Mandatory Blog

Do you own a motorcycle and love riding it? Whether you are heading to work or the nearest market for some fruit, motorbikes are a convenient way of finding your way through traffic. You can avoid traffic jams and get to your destination faster. But what about motorcycle insurance? Is it mandatory, and are there any consequences of not having it? Keep reading to find out why having a motorcycle policy is critical!

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Does the Law Require Me to Have Motorcycle Insurance?

If you take a look at the Road Transport Act, you will find that Section 90 says that “motor vehicle users are to be insured against third-party risks.” According to the same section, if you don’t have road tax and insurance, you are subject to a jail punishment of up to three months. On top of that, you could pay a fine of up to RM1,000! A valid insurance policy is required to get a road tax. If you don’t have a road tax, the fines can increase up to RM 3,000. Not wanting to pay a fine or spend time in jail might be the main reason why some people decide on motorcycle insurance. However, if you look at some statistics, you will find that your safety and peace of mind are crucial reasons you need motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Riders Frequently Suffer the Most Damage in Accidents

If an accident between a motorcycle and a car occurs, the odds are that the motorbike rider will suffer more significant damage. That is because the car driver is protected by the airbags, while the rider might end up falling off the motorcycle and hitting the road. Everyone should be responsible while on the roads in their vehicles. But what if you do everything right and still suffer an injury? It might be muscle damage, skin burn, or a broken bone, and there might be significant vehicle damage, too. That is where a motorcycle insurance policy comes into play. Its task is to offer financial protection for any damage caused to your vehicle from a third party. You don’t have to pay damages for the motor to ensure that you don’t get into financial difficulties.

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Theft Protection

The statistics, when it comes to motorcycle thefts, are not encouraging. For years, there have been more thefts of motorbikes than cars. For example, a total of 6,502 bikes were stolen in 2015, which is a large number. A motorcycle insurance policy protects in case of theft. If you do everything that you can to protect your motorbike and it still gets stolen, you can expect financial coverage.

The Time for a Motorcycle Insurance Is Now

If you are a motorcycle owner, it is time to get that insurance policy now. Why would you risk paying a fine if the police catch you driving without the required documents? But even if you put that aside, motorcycle insurance is a safety mechanism. You will feel peace of mind because you are financially protected if your motorbike gets stolen. Additionally, if a third-party causes an accident you are involved in, you won’t need to pay for the damages. Make sure to find an insurance policy that meets your needs, and you can continue riding your motorcycle without worrying about fines and financial difficulties!

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