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2023’s Most Affordable Cars for Maintenance in Malaysia: Top 4 Picks

Most Affordable Cars for Maintenance in Malaysia Blog

Most vehicle owners in Malaysia will tell you that buying a car is a cakewalk compared to maintaining it. If you’re planning on getting your first or next automobile soon, knowing which vehicle brands and models carry the most affordable maintenance costs can help you save a lot of money.

What To Note

Before we delve into our top picks of cars with low servicing costs, there are a few things you should be aware of. Per the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), Malaysians travel an average distance of 28 000 KM annually. But, for this article, we’ll use a distance of 100 000 KM traveled over a median span of five (5) years. This way, the servicing estimates will be easier to understand. Secondly, we didn’t include auto parts like brake pads, tires, or other unexpected maintenance in our car servicing costs review. Lastly, we didn’t include any cars from Mazda in this review. It is because they offer free servicing for the first five (5) years after purchase, covering labor, lubricants, and spare parts. So, you’re good on that front. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

1. Isuzu D-Max 1.9L 4×4 AT – RM 660 Per Annum

This pickup is a widely known and loved automobile. While it mightn’t be as heavy-duty as some of its contemporaries, it does have the advantage of being built with high-quality parts and craftsmanship that ensures it lasts for years. That’s also why your annual servicing costs rarely exceed RM 660. It also has a decent road tax, so it’s a very appealing vehicle overall.

2. Honda HR-V – RM 221 Per Annum

Boasting a tested and trusted powertrain and build quality, there’s no way the Honda HR-V wouldn’t make our list. One thing we found particularly impressive with this automobile is that the cost of maintaining it is even lower than that of the Proton X50! Thanks to this, you get a stylish and compact SUV with this purchase and the assurance that your car will be roadworthy for years to come.

3. Perodua Axia – RM 381 Per Annum

This automobile has a lot going for it. The first is that it has a super fuel-efficient engine under the hood. Secondly, it has a road tax of only RM 20 per annum, one of the cheapest in the country! Lastly, all it’ll cost you to keep this vehicle in great shape all year round is RM 381. As such, it’s a good get any day!

4. Honda Accord – RM 467 Per Annum

As this car has only a tiny 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, what you’ll have to pay in road tax is negligible. And while it’s pretty durable, you only need to spend RM 467 annually to keep it in good shape makes it an even better deal!


Ultimately, even if you won’t be going for any of the vehicles on this list, consider the maintenance cost when making your final purchase. Don’t forget that good auto insurance is very important too!

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