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How Dangerous Is Driving With a Cracked Windshield?

How Dangerous Is Driving With a Cracked Windshield Blog

Car windshields often become damaged by small rocks, chips, and cracks when they strike against them. Whatever the cause of the incident, serious safety concerns and quick fixes are available for the problem. It is common for people to wonder, “Is a cracked windshield dangerous?”?The first thing to know is that a broken windshield is very unlikely to break and cause injury. Nonetheless, the level of danger varies on multiple variables, including where the damage begins, whether it’s on the driver-side or passenger-side, and the size of the crack or chip. In addition to maintaining structural integrity in the event of a rollover accident, your windshield serves as a “backboard” for your airbags to deploy and as a viewing area for any cameras that are part of your vehicle’s Advanced Driver Safety system. A few examples of this are lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, and adaptive braking. Here’s why it’s not worth it to drive with a cracked windshield:

Visibility Obstruction

Cracked windshields lying directly in your line of sight can obstruct your vision, especially in low light or during rough weather. As a result of impaired vision, you are more involved in a collision or a pile-up on the road. Furthermore, a cracked windshield is also a constant distraction. In addition to reflecting sunlight, cracks also create an unwelcome glare. In such a case, your safety and the safety of the occupants of your vehicle may be in danger.

The Integrity Of The Car Is Compromised

A windshield that works perfectly adds 40% to the strength of the roof of the car. A car windshield serves an essential purpose. The windshield’s vital function is not compromised by a crack in the glass but is less effective when cracked. Due to these factors, when the car rolls over, its roof could collapse and cause grave injuries to its occupants.

Fatal Accidents

Windshields are designed to protect you, your passengers, and your car during accidents. In the event of a front-end collision, a cracked windshield cannot withstand the force of impact, thereby posing a threat to the vehicle’s occupants. A person who isn’t wearing a seatbelt is also at risk of being thrown from the car.

Ineffective Deployment Of Airbags

During a significant collision, your windshield also aids in the proper deployment of airbags. The windshield provides a backstop for the airbags so that they inflate towards the passengers. However, if an airbag deployment malfunctions because the windshield’s already cracked, the occupant can suffer fatal injuries.

Shattering Glass

Laminated glass is the most common material used for car windshields. As a result of the laminated glass, broken pieces of glass are held together in the event of breakage. Unlike regular glass, the glass won’t shatter into sharp shards. However, this only applies to windshields that have not previously been damaged. When your car’s windshield is cracked, it will shatter during a collision or impact, and the flying glass pieces will seriously injure the passengers. In an accident, a cracked windshield will crack and offer no protection to the vehicle’s occupants.

How To Repair a Cracked Windshield

No matter how small or insignificant cracks may appear to the naked eye, they can compromise the structural integrity of your car. A person’s life is at risk when a windshield is cracked; therefore, it should not be ignored. When there is a crack, the right thing to do is to get it checked and replaced by professionals as soon as possible. You will not repair a cracked windshield, so replacing it is a much better option.

A windshield replacement by a professional will be done according to industry-best standards and following all safety precautions. Professionals can ensure your windshield is being handled well when you opt for their services.

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