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Learn How Insurance Companies Handle Hit And Run

How Do Insurance Companies Handle Hit And Run Blog

It’s not pleasant to find yourself in any car accident. However, most vehicle owners agree that the worst incidents are those where the party responsible flees from the scene. Unfortunately, that happens, and it’s vital to understand your rights in those situations. Here is how insurance companies deal with hit and run cases and what steps to take!

Hit And Run – Basic Overview

The first thing that comes to mind when you encounter a hit and run is when a driver hits you from behind with their vehicle and then drives away. That’s an example of the classic hit and run. However, this accident category refers to ALL incidents where the party who caused them flees the scene without identifying themselves. You don’t even need to be in the car. Perhaps, you parked the car, and someone hit you while you were at another location. The reason why perpetrators resort to escaping might be only that they panicked. However, it might be that they don’t have valid documents, or they have a record of past crimes and don’t want the police to track them. Finally, it could be that they want to avoid paying for the damage.

What Should You Do If You’re A Hit And Run Victim?

The first thing is not to panic and confirm there is no one injured in the accident. If an opportunity arises, try to check out the perpetrator or their vehicle. You might remember the license plates or at least a car model or color. Any detail might help in the investigation later, which is why you can also talk to other people at the scene. Did anyone notice what happened and can confirm your story? Perhaps someone saw and remembered the license plates or further details of the perpetrator? It might happen that you weren’t in the vehicle when they hit you. In those situations, the person might leave their phone number for you to call. That’s reasonable, especially if the damage isn’t significant. They might be in a rush, and they do not deny the responsibility. So, give them a call, and you could resolve the matter quickly.

What to Do When There Are No Details Of The Perpetrator?

Unfortunately, some hit and run accidents occur without anyone noticing them. If that happens, you have the choice to file for a No Fault Claim with your insurance company. Please note that this is a subcategory of Own Damage Claims, but it’s specific because it doesn’t take away your No Claim Discount. Meantime, take photos of the car to focus on the damaged sections. Are there any dents or scratches? Make sure to document everything, and don’t forget to look for potential witnesses.

The next step is to file a police report, and you should do that immediately. The deadline is 24 hours, but you don’t want to risk the other party going there first and making up a different story. If you have any details, you can provide them to the police. That will make it easier for them to find a potential perpetrator. Next, contact your insurance company. You want to file the No Fault Claim as soon as possible. The police report will serve as evidence, and you’ll also need a Claim Application and some other documents. The insurance agents will let you know the details, so you can file the claim correctly. From there, you’ll probably need to wait for the results of the police investigation, which means you’ll need the patience to resolve the matter.

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