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Can I Get Car Insurance Without A Car?

Can I Get Car Insurance Without A Car Blog

Most vehicle owners have a working understanding of the level to which the car insurance coverage they own protects them and their automobiles. However, it begs the question; Where does this leave drivers who don’t own a car? Is there a particular policy for non-vehicle owners, or do they have to drive unprotected?

Today’s episode will explore the car insurance options available to frequent drivers who don’t own a motor vehicle. Hi! My name is Stella. In this episode, we’ll be discussing the steps you can take to get financial security when you take an automobile out on the road as a non-vehicle owner. Driving is a big part of everyday life and because of this, so is car insurance. Through our Insurance360 Video Series, you get to find out all you need to know to make your driving experience a pleasant one! Be among the first to see every video we upload by clicking on the Subscribe button and enabling notifications right now! Depending on the exact specifications detailed in a vehicle owners’ insurance policy, you may be eligible to get coverage, even if you get involved in an auto accident as a non-vehicle owner. However, if the accident was a terrible one, and the vehicle’s insurance coverage doesn’t cover the full extent of the damages caused, this can result in some high out-of-pocket costs for you. But what exactly are your options?

Well, you could find out if you’re eligible for what is called a non-owner car insurance policy. Basically, as the name already suggests, this is an car insurance policy extended to drivers who don’t own a personal vehicle. This can be a really advantageous policy to have under your belt if you drive frequently. If you get involved in an accident, the non-owner car insurance policy offers you coverage for any resulting injuries and damages to the third party’s person or property. You need to keep in mind that this type of coverage is that it only operates as Secondary Coverage. The implication is that it only kicks in when the existing coverage on the automobile isn’t sufficient to cater to the accident’s medical and repair expenses. Another detail worth mentioning is that the non-owner car insurance policy won’t pay out claims for the repair of the vehicle or your medical costs if the accident occurred due to your actions. If you’ll be driving a friend or family members’ car around a lot, or you plan on renting a vehicle for a while, this insurance policy just might come in handy. The good news is that a lot of car insurance companies offer this amazing policy. What’s more, you don’t need much to get it set up. All you’re required to have at hand when requesting a quote is,

  • Some necessary personal information
  • Your driver’s license details
  • Your preferred method of payment details

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