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Raiz Robo Advisor Overview

Raiz Robo Advisor Overview Blog Featured ImageRaiz Robo Advisor Overview Blog

Leveraging the power of Robo advisors to increase your portfolio can be broken down into three (3) steps. The first step is learning about Robo advisors, the second is knowing the best advisors to use, and the third involves funding your Robo advisor of choice and getting the ball rolling. We’ll focus on this article and give you a concise overview of one of the leading Robo advisory services in Malaysia right now, Raiz.

Raiz Robo Advisor – Everything You Need to Know

Raiz started in 2016 in Australia, and the ground-breaking success it recorded there meant that it was ultimately only a matter of time before it made it here. As a Robo advisor best used for aggressive, conservative, and moderate portfolios, here’s all you need to know about what this financial tool offers.

An Automatic Investment Feature You Can Use to Invest In Spare Change

As of the time of writing, Raiz is the only Robo advisor in Malaysia that allows you to automatically invest whatever little change is left after you’ve made your daily purchases. To use this fantastic feature, an individual must link the appropriate spending account to Raiz, and that’s all! The tool will track your spending and small round transactions to the nearest whole number so it can invest that excess for you.

It Supports Various Investment Portfolios Fluidly

When using Robo advisors, the convention is that you have to choose depending on what type of portfolio you want to manage. For example, some Robo advisors may perform better when handling a moderate portfolio but mightn’t do as well with an aggressive one or vice versa. The beauty of Raiz is that you can use it for conservative, aggressive, and moderate portfolios without worry, making it one of the select few Robo advisors capable of this feat in the country.

It Affords Unlimited Withdrawals And Free Deposits

As a Robo advisor that presents itself as an earning-oriented platform, Raiz primarily lives up to this promise by allowing users to make levy-free deposits and withdraw their funds without restrictions.

It Provides a Tight and Impenetrable Security

With all the goings-on in the world, data security is a non-negotiable feature for a financial firm. Raiz also thrives here, as they have security features that protect user funds and information. Although this robot advisor sets the bar for superior performance in many ways, there are some areas that some users mightn’t find too encouraging. For one, you need to have and connect a Maybank Account to Raiz if you want to use the invest spare change feature. Also, the Robo advisor’s highest-risk portfolio is considered non-Sharia-compliant stocks.

Bottom Line

As a significant Robo advisor, Raiz has amply shown it’s earned its spot at the top of the pile. There may be a few downsides to using it, but it gets top marks when its performance and features are in their entirety.