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Prudential Life Insurance Overview

Prudential Life Insurance Overview Blog Featured ImagePrudential Life Insurance Overview Blog

You can’t choose the best life insurance provider for you if you don’t know what your options are and how they differ from each other. To make things a little easier in this department, we’ve conducted in-depth research into the various providers in Malaysia right now, and you can check here to see our findings. We’ll be focusing on Prudential Life Insurance in this piece.

Prudential Life Insurance Profile

Not many insurance providers can boast of this life insurance company’s long and rich history. Prudential PLC started in 1848, and its subsidiary, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad, commonly known as PAMB, was established in 1924. So this insurer has been around for quite some time.

Life Insurance Products To Expect

Prudential Life Insurance has just four (4) products that interested Malaysians can take advantage of right now, namely;

  • The PRUGuard Life coverage.
  • The PRUWith You coverage.
  • The PRUTerm coverage.
  • The PRUBiz Coverage.

However, with the fantastic add-ons and the quality of protection, you can get more than make up for the relatively limited options available here. What’s more, by leveraging any of these life insurance packages, you can expect;

Superior Customer Satisfaction

No insurer is perfect; that much is true. However, upon comparing the complaint index of Prudential Life Insurance with its competitors, it was easy to see that PAMB provided higher satisfaction to its consumers overall.

Access To Life Insurance Without Medical Exam

For the longest time, taking a medical exam before becoming eligible for life insurance was the norm. That remains the case with many life insurers in Malaysia today. But, Prudential Life Insurance offers you the choice of getting any coverage you want without having to perform a medical exam.

Excellent Term Conversion Options

With most insurers, you either have to settle for a minimal conversion window or automatically forfeit the right to choose which policy you want to convert. However, we’ve confirmed that’s not the case with Prudential Life Insurance, as the insurer lets you switch to permanent life insurance. It gets even better as you don’t have to take a medical exam to make this move if you don’t want to. While this feature does come with some terms and conditions, the fact remains that it offers you considerably more latitude than you’d get elsewhere. PAMB life insurance policies are undoubtedly one of the best that a person can do in terms of quality and service delivery. However, there’s room for improvement regarding how much their premiums cost. Although you have some leeway to maneuver, the premiums might still be a bit cost-prohibitive.


Looking beyond how cost-intensive the premiums of Prudential life insurance can be, nothing takes away from the fact that they’re a brand you can trust with the important job of securing your loved one’s financial well-being in your absence.