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Choosing Your Car Service: Dealership vs Local Mechanic

Dealership vs Local Mechanic Blog

Taking care of your car is imperative for it to last long and provide consistent performance. Apart from fixing anything that goes wrong in the shortest possible time frame, it’s vital to maintain the vehicle properly. That includes regular visits to the mechanic. However, the question is whether you should go to the official dealership for your brand or the local mechanic. Our experts compared the two options to help you make the right choice!

Do You Have a Warranty?

If you have a warranty and something’s wrong with your car, this is a no-brainer. You want to go to the dealership because the warranty will cover the expenses. Additionally, a dealership is a place that specializes in a particular brand. Whether you have a Toyota or Porsche, finding their dealership ensures you’ll receive original replacement parts. Also, the repairs performed will be handled by experts trained to work on that vehicle brand. However, if you choose a local mechanic, you might find an experienced person who’s an expert in their job. They will check out your vehicle, and you will talk to the actual mechanic. That’s often not the case at car dealerships where you talk with a representative.

What Are The Advantages and Drawbacks Of Going To a Car Dealership?

Let’s focus on the dealerships and start with the advantages. Here are the benefits of using these services:

  • Trained mechanics – the mechanics, employed at a dealership know a particular vehicle brand inside and out.
  • Original replacement parts – the dealerships are official partners of the brand. That means they can always get official replacement components, and you will often receive them quickly.
  • Specialized diagnostic equipment – these stores often used modern technology to diagnose the problem on the vehicle. That can be vital if your issue has to do with the car’s electronics.
  • A better option if you plan on selling – potential buyers prefer when you have the vehicle serviced at official dealerships.

Now, let’s check out the drawbacks of dealerships:

  • Customer service – you won’t meet with a mechanic, but with a representative. It’s not the same level of personalized service as the one provided by a local mechanic.
  • Cost – if a warranty does not cover you, the odds are dealerships will charge more than independent mechanic shops.
  • The time required for the repair depends on the dealership, but most of them take more time than your local mechanic. They also need to use only official parts to extend the repair time and increase the cost.

Is It Better to Choose a Local Mechanic?

If you decide to pick an independent mechanic to service your vehicle, here is what you can expect:

  • Discuss the specifics with an expert – you will talk to a mechanic who knows their way about cars. That way, you can explain the issue, and they can tell you what’s wrong right away. Mechanics will often estimate the repair time immediately, too.
  • Negotiate price and get discounts – if you are a long-term client, you can expect discounts. The local mechanic might also be ready to negotiate the price with you.
  • Affordable parts – a local expert doesn’t have to use branded parts. He might suggest components that feature the best ratio between price and quality for your vehicle.

These are a couple of downsides when dealing with a local mechanic:

  • Not all of them are experts – you want to find a reliable mechanic who knows details about the vehicle brand you are driving.
  • Not always done on time – they might estimate that your car will be fixed in a couple of days, but they could delay that deadline depending on their work.

Ultimately, it all depends on your preference. If you have a warranty, you should head to the dealership. However, if you trust a mechanic, a local expert could offer a better price for those not covered by the car warranty.

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