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Fuel Pump Replacement Cost In Malaysia

Fuel Pump Replacement Cost In Malaysia Blog

When your fuel pump fails, it can be a costly problem for you and your vehicle. Costs of repairing or replacing a fuel pump can vary widely from vehicle to vehicle. However, parts and labor prices for a fuel pump replacement can range from RM100 to RM700. Keep reading if you’re having trouble with your car, wondering if the fuel pump is faulty, or budgeting for repair. This section will discuss what a fuel pump is, how it works, the types of fuel pumps, and how much they cost.

What Is a Fuel Pump?

Fuel pumps deliver fuel to fuel injectors to inject energy into combustion engines. Carburetor engines typically use mechanical fuel pumps mounted outside fuel tanks that operate under low pressure. In addition to carburetor engines, diesel engines often use two main fuel pumps powered by electricity to improve efficiency. Two pumps are located inside the fuel tank: one pumps fuel into the tank at low pressure, and the other pumps energy into the engine at a higher pressure. An engine’s air-fuel mixture must be optimized for maximum efficiency and proper functioning for the fuel pump to operate effectively. The air-fuel ratio becomes disrupted by adding more fuel to the engine, preventing energy from burning efficiently.

What Does a Fuel Pump Do?

Fuel pumps extract fuel from the tank and transport it to the engine through the fuel system. Fuel pumps, however, are not all the same. Automobile fuel pumps can be mechanical or electric.


In this part, there is a lever, crankshaft, and either a diaphragm or plunger in a mechanical fuel pump. Through a series of one-way valves, the lever is operated by a camshaft that moves it up and down, pushing the diaphragm or plunger. Having a mechanical fuel pump isn’t as common now that carburetors aren’t used in cars, but if you have a mechanical fuel pump, replacing it will be less expensive than buying a new automatic unit.


An electric fuel pump works similarly, but it is powered by an electric motor instead of a crankshaft. Modern vehicles with fuel injection typically use electric fuel pumps. Pumps of this type can also help decrease gas usage and supply fuel to cars with advanced fuel systems, such as those that stop and start while idling at a stoplight.

Cost Of Replacing a Fuel Pump

Based on the car model and labor costs, fuel pump replacement can cost RM100 and RM800. An average fuel pump costs between RM50 and RM400, and labor costs between RM50 and RM400. If you have an electronic fuel pump on your petrol engine, the fuel pump is often not very expensive. Paying a mechanic to replace it is the costly part. Pumps are usually located inside the fuel tank, so you can reach them with a cover under the back seat if you’re lucky. However, detach the fuel tank completely to access it in some cars. Imagine how long this takes.

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If you have some experience, you can do it yourself, but it will be a nasty job and bad for your health. The cost of replacing the mechanical fuel pump in a diesel engine is much higher than that of a gasoline engine. The replacement cost of these pumps can be extremely high if you are unlucky, and they can cost up to RM1500 if you are not. To avoid paying such high cost, you can consider car extended warranty to have a peace of mind.

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