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Malaysia Road Tax Guide

Malaysia Road Tax Guide blog

Have you renewed the road tax for your vehicle yet? Renewal of your road tax can be a challenge sometimes. However, do not worry since Fincrew is here to help you with a checklist to ensure a smooth road tax renewal process.

What Is Road Tax And Why Do You Have To Pay

Malaysians must pay road tax and auto insurance before using their vehicles on public roads. Road tax increases with the size of a vehicle’s engine. The expenses associated with maintaining the country’s road network are covered by road tax. Keeping your road tax up to date will help you avoid paying any late fees. Do you know that you won’t have to pay any penalty for renewing your road tax in Malaysia less than a year of its expiration date? You will, however, incur a penalty fee if you continue your road tax more than one year after its expiration date.

What Is The Due Date For My Road Tax?

Generally, a vehicle’s road tax is valid for one year and renewed annually. The JPJ Portal makes it easy to check the date of your road tax due if you cannot remember when it is due. Once you are at the website, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • Look up Inquiry of Motor Vehicle License Expiration.
  • Choose your ID. Choose a category (e.g., MyKad).
  • Enter your Identification Number and Vehicle Registration Number.
  • Please click the submit button.

You can find details like the commencement and expiry dates of your road tax and the date of expiration of your insurance through the portal. As a result, you won’t forget to renew your road tax.

Fincrew Roadtax Calculator

How Much Should I Pay For Road Tax?

There are a few factors that determine how much the road tax costs in Malaysia:

Vehicle Engine Cubic Capacity / Liter

The greater the engine size, the greater the amount. It is due to Malaysia’s outdated tax system. We assume that multiple engines/displacements emit more pollution in our current road tax calculation. Therefore, the owners of big cars have to pay a higher premium for their polluting vehicles.


Malaysians living in East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) pay a lower road tax than their counterparts in Peninsular Malaysia. The purpose is to compensate for the poor quality of the roads, which is not on par with Peninsular Malaysia. Because of Sabah and Sarawak’s poor road conditions and physical characteristics, residents prefer vehicles with more significant engine displacements to navigate the challenging terrain. The JPJ/Road Transport Department reduced road tax rates to compensate for poor road quality.

Type Of Use

Private or Company

Type Of Vehicle

Saloon: Sedan / Hatchback / Coupe / Wagon / Convertible
Non-Saloon: MPV / SUV / Pick-ups / Commercial

How To Renew Road Tax?

We have the same question when it comes to renewing our road tax. It is essential to follow these steps to obtain the best results.

1. Confirm The Expiration Date Of The Insurance And The Road Tax

Be sure you know your road tax expiration date before renewing your road tax. It is essential to get the exact date to avoid unforeseen complications during the renewal process.

2. Bring Your Vehicle Grant Along With You

Vehicle grants or registration certificates contain a wealth of information about a vehicle, including the model year, production year, engine cubic capacity, etc.

3. Make Sure There Are No Summonses On Your Vehicle

The first thing you need to do is settle any warrant backlog. It occurs because you cannot renew your road tax if there are any pending summons.

4. Find Out The Worth Of Your Car On The Market

To obtain adequate insurance coverage, you should check the current market value of your vehicle.

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