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E-Hailing Extra Coverage In Car Insurance

E-Hailing Extra Coverage In Car Insurance Blog

E-hailing has become incredibly popular in Malaysia. The passengers find e-hailing rides like Grab or MyCar better, more convenient, and often cheaper than a classic taxi. Additionally, you’ll find individuals joining Grab and similar services as drivers-partners. It’s an excellent chance of earning some extra money when you have free time. The problem is the money you earn can quickly turn into a loss in case of a car accident. An irresponsible third party can cause massive damage to your vehicle in a split second. That’s why you should consider e-hailing add-ons in car insurance policies. Here is everything you should know about this extra coverage option available in Malaysia!

What You Need to Have to Activate the E-Hailing Extra Coverage

If you want to offer an e-hailing service with your private car, it’s critical to register as a driver-partner. A relevant organization should license your private vehicle for providing the e-hailing service. Those bodies include the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board in East Malaysia or APAD – the Land Public Transport Agency. It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time e-hailing driver or only provide those services as a part-time job. Many insurance companies offer different options suitable for both categories. Your only goal is to find an optimal package that suits your preference. It’s worth noting, however, that the insurance isn’t active outside the Malaysian borders. You can only use it while you are within the borders of this country.

What Does The E-Hailing Extra Coverage Include?

Although it depends on the actual deal you sign, your e-hailing extra coverage usually includes the following items:

  • Your car getting damaged in an accident or lost – these sections are a part of your primary insurance policy. The exception is that the extra coverage activates them while your vehicle is on call.
  • Third-party liability – it’s another category already found in your primary insurance deal. If there’s any liability to a third party, this add-on has you covered while offering e-hailing services.
  • Legal liability to passengers paying a fare – as an e-hailing service provider, you’ll be driving passengers from the starting to finish point. They’ll be spending a fare, which activates the legal liability mentioned in this policy. There are some exceptions, such as liabilities caused by the e-hailing app.
  • Negligent act of your passengers – this involves passengers paying for the fare. If their action is deemed as negligence, this extra policy has you covered.

Apart from these, there’s also the Personal Accident cover included in the e-hailing extra coverage policy.

More Details About The Personal Accident Cover

If you are an authorized driver, the PA cover protects you from bodily injuries while on call. A violent, external, and visible factor should be the reason for the injury. The cover is usually RM10,000, but the compensation might vary depending on the injury. These are the usual compensation scales:

  • Death, losing both feet or hands or sight on both eyes – 100%
  • Losing one hand and foot, or losing hand or foot combines with losing sight on at least one eye – 100%
  • Losing either foot or hand, losing sight on one eye – 50%
  • Compensation for surgical and medical treatments (per accident) – 5%

These consequences should be visible within three months from the accident date. The insurance companies usually pay medical compensation once both parties agree on the total sum. This policy doesn’t apply if you were intoxicated from drugs and liquor at the time of the accident.


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