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Zurich Life Insurance Overview

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Finding a reliable life insurance company can be challenging. Finding one that offers Shariah-compliant products is an even taller order. We decided to dig into this area, and that’s when we stumbled across Zurich Life Insurance.

Zurich Life Insurance – What It Is And What It Entails

Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia is a Zurich Insurance Group subsidiary established in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1872. Since making its way to Malaysia, this brand has quickly grown and today has a network of 30 branches strategically located across the entire country. Zurich Life Insurance stands out from the pack not just for the level of quality you can expect from their services but also because they’re one of the most Shariah-compliant and ethical insurance providers in the country at the time of writing.

Life Insurance Products And Services Offered

A few of the life insurance coverage policies that to access from this provider are:

  • The Zurich Everlasting Cover Policy
  • The Zurich Essential Cover Policy
  • The Zurich Prestige Cover Policy
  • The Zurich Multi Shield Policy.
  • The Zurich ValueLife Policy
  • The Zurich ValueLife Premier Policy
  • The Zurich Term Life Policy
  • The Teras Perdana Policy
  • The Super Protector Policy
  • The Zurich SureCover Policy

They also offer unique add-ons like the Protect All 110 EVO and the Max Golden Wanita Protection, which you can use to complement the policy coverage of your choice, so you get even better financial protection for your loved ones. Using any Zurich life insurance policy promises:

Easily Customizable Premiums

With an emphasis on making life simpler for the everyday Malaysian, many of the life insurance coverage options offered by this provider allow you to customize your premiums to work out something more convenient. Because of this, you won’t have to strain yourself excessively to get this vital protection.

A Fast And Streamlined Claims Payment Process

This insurance provider goes the extra mile to optimize beneficiaries’ death benefit claims process. Not only have the formalities required to make this work been extensively streamlined, but you also have the option of enlisting the aid of a Zurich insurance operative to put you through the process from start to finish.

Partnership With a Green-Oriented Company

For people who’re conscious of the effect of their actions on the environment, Zurich life insurance would be a more than perfect fit. The organization always employs environmentally sustainable efforts to achieve its goals. From planting trees to introducing features like the Global Green Fund, they’re every bit as concerned about the health and well-being of the earth as you are. If we had to name one thing we wish we could improve, it would be that the customer support was a little easier to reach. On the flip side, once you’re finally able to get through, everything is usually sorted out.

Final Word

All in all, Zurich Life Insurance covers its bases well and provides a service to count on. Perhaps the best part of using this insurer is that you can always trust them to keep up and improve their features and services.