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Wahed Invest Robo Advisor Overview

Wahed Invest Robo Advisor Overview Blog Featured ImageWahed Invest Robo Advisor Overview Blog

Like many new things when first introduced, we should be thoroughly familiar with leveraging the power of Robo advisors. Once you’ve taken the time first to understand how these resources work, the next step becomes finding one that appeals to your taste. To that end, we’ve decided to review Wahed Invest, one of the essential names in the Robo advisory world in Malaysia today.

What Is Wahed Invest?

It is an online Halal and Shariah-compliant Robo advisory agency launched in New York City in 2015. In fewer than seven years, they became a standard fixture not only in the United States but also launched their product in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and various parts of Africa. Some of the features that Wahed Invest offers that have become major selling points for them include:

Wahed Invest Provide The Ideal Platform For Diversified Investment Portfolios

This Robo advisory has quickly made a name for itself for being one of the best digital wealth management platforms for accommodating various levels of risk. The broad list of investment options means that you don’t have to put in as much effort here when it comes to identifying and capitalizing on some of the best investment opportunities in the world.

Wahed Invest Offer Halal And Shariah-Compliant Stocks

Wahed Invest is also arguably one of the best Robo advisory agencies operating in Malaysia, thanks to the extensive array of Halal and Shariah-compliant stocks you can access through the platform. Not only can you invest in Islamic Dividend Stocks in Malaysia, but there is also a plethora of ethical investments in US stocks for you to choose from. It presents an excellent avenue to grow wealth without compromising your faith for Muslim believers.

Wahed Invest Have a Decent Fee Structure

Using the services this Robo advisor puts at your disposal isn’t cost-prohibitive either. To start with, you can leverage any investment product of your choice for a minimum of RM 100 only. In addition, you have to pay an annual fee of only 0.79%. And you can make as many deposits, transfers, and withdrawals as you want free of charge.

Wahed Invest Have An Impressive Data Protection Network

We found that they also employed the latest protection algorithms to safeguard the information and funds of their users, making them one of the more secure platforms out there. Some of the drawbacks we noticed with using Wahed Invest have much to do with the user experience that its app offers. While it’s certainly not bad, there’s a lot of room for improvement as it can be lengthy and challenging to navigate in certain areas. Also, you can only have one portfolio on this platform.


Wahed Invest is a reasonably reliable platform for people looking to make a decent profit. If you can overlook the shortcomings of using this Robo advisory, you can be sure of growing your portfolio over time.