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Ensure Your Tablets With Gadget Insurance

Ensure Your Tablets With Fincrew Gadget Insurance blog

Mobile tablets are all-purpose devices to use for both work and play. As a result, these devices have numerous uses, ranging from sending and receiving emails to watching movies and videos. Damage to such multi-utility devices can be very inconvenient since they are expensive. It is wise to ensure the tablet because of this. With gadget Insurance, you can protect your handheld tablet against financial losses caused by damage, theft, electrical failures, or mechanical breakdowns.

What’s Covered?

Standard Fire And Special Perils Cover

You can protect yourself against fire explosions, explosions, lightning, riots and strikes. In addition, file a claim for the loss or damage caused by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, typhoons, and more.

Accidental Damage Cover

You can obtain financial protection if you accidentally damage your handheld tablet while using it on the premises (within the coverage area). You can get replacement or repair coverage up to the amount insured.

Burglary And Robbery Cover

If your insured premises are the victim of an actual or attempted robbery, you may be covered for losses or damages.

Breakdown Cover

The device is covered for repairs when a mechanical or electrical failure occurs. For this to apply, the device must be in your possession at the time of breakdown. As a reminder, insurance coverage is provided per the invoice value, up to a maximum sum insured.

What’s Not Covered?

Uninsured Tablets After 30 Days of Purchase

If you fail to get your Handheld Tablet Insurance within 30 days of its purchase, you cannot claim the benefits.


Every claim is subject to a deductible, which amounts to the first 5% of the claim amount. It is applicable except where specifically modified and altered by the insurer and mentioned in the Certificate of Insurance.

Damage Caused By Pollution

The plan does not cover pollution or contamination of the device.

Terrorism-Related Damage

We cannot cover any direct or indirect loss, damage, cost, or expense resulting from terrorist activity.

Why Choose Fincrew Gadget Insurance?

Fincrew gadget insurance is an incredibly affordable and comprehensive tablet insurance plan that provides excellent protection for all owners. It’s easy, convenient, and affordable. If your device was damaged, lost, or stolen, Fincrew gives you a refurbished replacement the next day. Fincrew offers the following benefits:

You Don’t Need To Go On Without A Tablet For Long

With our help, you can be assured your tablet will be fixed or replaced as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy it again as soon as possible.

You Need To Take Control Of Your Insurance Coverage

Life circumstances change, things go out of style, and technology upgrades. That’s why we have a policy designed just for you. We offer gadget insurance on a pay-as-you-go basis.

We Have An In-house Claims Team and an Online Portal

Whether you have a question or a claim, our call handlers can assist you with every aspect of our product.

One Policy Can Cover Up to 10 Gadgets

Having just one gadget isn’t very common. Therefore, our coverage covers a full range of items and up to 10 items per policy.

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