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Ensure Your Camera With Gadget Insurance

Ensure Your Camera With Gadget Insurance Blog

Imagine this for a moment. Your DSLR camera captures the street’s full view from the top of a building for a client. When you are finished taking different shots, you head back to your studio to sort through your pictures. Upon entering the studio, you realize your camera had been stolen. Oh no! If losing pictures weren’t bad enough, you also have to buy yourself a new camera. Fortunately, you can have your gadget insured through a Gadget Insurance Policy, which means you’ll be able to avoid this painful situation in the future.

Benefits Of Gadget Insurance

As there are many risks associated with transporting and using the cameras, having gadget insurance makes you feel protected to focus on what you do best with confidence. Below are a few benefits you can enjoy when you have such coverage:

  • Equipment damage/loss as a result of a fire
  • An electronic or mechanical failure causes the system to break down
  • User-caused accidental damage
  • Total loss as a result of theft
  • Damage caused by riots or strikes to the gadget

The amount insured is based on the camera’s market value/purchase price. Whenever a unit is destroyed, the insurer is responsible for replacing it with a new one, including freight, customs duty, and all other costs incurred in purchasing the latest equipment.

Gadget Insurance Exclusions

This insurance policy does not cover damage/loss for the following reasons:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • War or a situation that resembles a war
  • A user’s deliberate negligence
  • Defects in manufacturing and consequential losses
  • Climate-induced degradation
  • The unit’s maintenance costs
  • A functional failure covered by the warranty
  • Flaws present at the time of purchase
  • Terrorism

How Do I Insure My Camera?

You can easily insure your camera with Fincrew gadget insurance! To get a basic policy, all that you need is to go to, answer a few questions, and get insured in seconds.

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Why Choose Fincrew Gadget Insurance Policy?

Fincrew gadget insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage on a wide range of electronic equipment such as laptops, mobiles, and cameras. Coverage offers compensation based on the sum insured against loss or damage of the gadget. Fincrew Insurance also provides the following benefits.

One Policy For Multiple Devices

There’s more to photography than cameras. With Gadget Insurance, you can cover most of the technology appliances you need.

Capturing the World

We offer worldwide coverage, so you can jet-set the world taking pictures and not be concerned about being covered.

Package For The Whole Family

With our Family Bundle, you can save money on other family members’ cameras and other gadgets you need protecting. Cameras aren’t Waterproof. Some indeed are. Hopefully, yours is waterproof, but if it isn’t and you drop it in a lake while getting that perfect shot, we’ll cover the damage under our liquid damage coverage.

Fincrew Available 24/7 And In-house Claims Team

It is impossible to predict when a problem may occur, Fincrew is online 24/7 is always available to assist you no matter is product information or claim assistance.

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